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Greyhound & Lurcher Training, South Side of Birmingham more
Greyhound & Lurcher Training, North Birmingham more
  • 15dec
    Sheldon Country Park Walkmore map
  • 22dec
    Christmas Walk in Brueton Parkmore map
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Organisations and schemes that support our fundraising

The links below are for organisations and schemes that support our fundraising when you buy or use them

Find more details on the EasyFundraising page here - Perry Barr RGT  If you were to use this search engine for 10 searches per day in place of google, you would earn us more than £20 in a year.  Add this site to your links bar and start earning money simply by searching.

EasySearch - Perry Barr RGT

Milgi Coats are providing Perry Barr RGT supporters with a 10% discount on their coats and also making a £1 donation for every purchase. To find out more about their products please visit their website at: To claim the 10% discount you need to quote our code which is PERRY10


Emma's Pet Portraits. Emma has completed this lovely pastel of Basil. She will donate 10% of proceeds from any orders received as a result of seeing Basil's picture. Please mention Basil and Perry Barr RGT if placing an order for the donation to apply. Emma's website is here.


Parker Photographic Ltd

We have teamed up with Parker Photographic to provide you with a superb way of displaying your favourite photographs.

If you click through the graphic to the left, you will visit the Parker Photograhic web site to find a range of different ways to convert your favourite  photograph into a work of art.

This is the perfect way to display your photo or what a wonderful gift.  At the same time, you will be earning much needed funds for Perry Barr RGT as each sale processed through this link will raise money without costing you a thing.

Click through and create a work of                                                           art at Parker Photographic