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  • 15dec
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Dogs » Kuro (Brandy)

by AliJ

Monday 09 Dec 10:29

Hi everyone, it's almost Kuro's gotcha day so I just wanted to let you know how he's getting on. All is well, he's a happy healthy boy who is much loved. Still a bit grumpy with small dogs, but we are still working on that. Love to you all xxx

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Events » Santa returns ...

by Wispa'sMum

Monday 09 Dec 08:52

I am absolutely overwhelmed after yesterday. What a fabulous day and this has all been made possible to so many very wonderful people - to name a few - Santa and Mrs Christmas, Angie, Jo, Kate, Jill, Shauna, Lucy, Jess, both Shirleys, Richard, Denise and Lorna - honestly, the list goes on and I am so sorry if I have missed your name on this list as my thanks goes to everyone who helped as well as all our fabulous supporters.

THANK YOU for supporting Daybreaks - I am forever grateful.

I couldn't have missed the day for the world especially after missing last year. I have a scan this Friday and if it is good news,hopefully an operation on the 18th December and then I am hoping to bounce back with full force! A lot is changing with Daybreaks going independent and I am sorry to say goodbye to Greyhound Trust Solihull - I helped set up the branch back in 2003 but I am sure we will be able to go onwards and upwards to help keep rehoming the wonderful greyhounds we are lucky enough to have at Daybreaks. Ruth xxx

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Dogs » Daybreaks Daily ...

by Stevie,Sarah,Willow&Max'smom

Monday 09 Dec 06:55

What a fantastic day and greyt amount raised. Thanks to everyone who came and supported the kennels. It was so lovely to see so many families and their gorgeous, well behaved hounds. They all queued patiently to see Santa. Thanks to Santa for taking time out of his busy schedule to come and visit us, and to Lucy for capturing it with her camera.

Thanks to everyone for their help, the cakes and mince pies went down a treat as did the doggie bags.

It was lovely to see Ruth, she was feeling very poorly but didn't want to miss coming in. Hoping that she will be 'sorted' after her next surgery and normal service will soon be resumed.

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Dogs » Barney

by CuteBarneyGumbleS

Sunday 08 Dec 23:15

What a day! I met Santa! I loved Everything, it all started with seeing Auntie Kate while she was walking the residents! I was very happy to see her! It was so nice see everyone and get so much attention. Santa was great he gave me treats and cuddles! I even got a present! Don’t know what it is but it smells nice! I asked for lots of food for Christmas because it’s my favourite thing! I helped Florence out as unfortunately she couldn’t make it today so I helped make sure she got a present off Santa! Can’t wait to see her at Christmas! I heard Auntie Klaire last night. It was really weird because I couldn’t see her but I could hear her. I tried my best to find her but apparently she was only FaceTiming what ever that is.

Me and the humans had a great day!
Barney Xx

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Dogs » Daybreaks Daily ...

by LadyVictoria

Sunday 08 Dec 22:40

Had a lovely time at the Christmas Party today :)) As Angie and Jo didn't need me to do any party "things" this morning I actually managed to go on two walks and had the pleasure of taking little Scruffy and big Drew out. Two very different sized dogs :)) but they both walked beautifully and were great company.

Skip and Lyra had great fun meeting Santa, Lyra went in and jumped on to Santa's bed! He scooped her up and she sat on his lap. :)) can't wait to see the photos! Poor Santa, Mrs Santa and Lucy were exhausted by the time they had seen every good boy and girl! Xx

It was amazing to see so many lovely Greyhounds at the kennels and to hear how much their families love them. Xx

So good to see Ruth even though she didn't feel well...sending lots of love. Xxx


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Dogs » Daybreaks Daily ...

by LadyVictoria

Sunday 08 Dec 22:22

Hi Willerby, so sorry to hear Ruby isn't well. Sending lots of love and hope to see you soon. Kate Xxx

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Dogs » Daybreaks Daily ...

by RosieP

Sunday 08 Dec 22:19

Sorry we couldn't make it today. Well done everyone, it sounds wonderful and like it went very well with a great amount raised xx

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Dogs » Daybreaks Daily ...

by sirenmelody

Sunday 08 Dec 21:54

So sorry to hear Ruby is unwell. Sending love and prayers all will be ok. Xx

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Dogs » Daybreaks Daily ...

by jetlucy

Sunday 08 Dec 21:46

Pressed add too soon! Was lovely to see your 3 together, ive only ever seen fergal, they're all gorgeous! Yes look forward to the happenings of the new year! Xxx

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Dogs » Daybreaks Daily ...

by jetlucy

Sunday 08 Dec 21:45

Ah bless thank you seana...we definetly have a new recruit in mia, even at this young age she loves animals, has no fear and just smiles whenever they're with her or she's touching them!

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