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  • 13oct
    Greyhound Trust Solihull Annual Dog Show 2019more map
  • 19oct
    Stratford Upon Avon Racecourse - Collectionmore map
  • 19oct
    Melbicks Garden Centre Coleshillmore map
  • 20oct
    Melbicks Garden Centremore map
  • 27oct
    Walk in Brueton Parkmore map
  • 7nov
    Notcutts Garden Centre, Solihullmore map
  • 8nov
    Notcutts Garden Centre, Solihullmore map
  • 9nov
    Notcutts Garden Centre, Solihullmore map
  • 9nov
    Kingfisher Centre Redditchmore map
  • 10nov
    Notcutts Garden Centre, Solihullmore map
  • 10nov
    Walk in Brueton Parkmore map
  • 23nov
    Mell Square Street Collection & Roadshowmore map
  • 23nov
    Pets at Home - Stratford Upon Avonmore map
  • 23nov
    Countdown to Christmasmore map
  • 8dec
    Santa returns to Daybreaks!more map
  • 14dec
    Melbicks Garden Centre Coleshillmore map
  • 21dec
    Melbicks Garden Centre near Coleshillmore map
  • 14jun
    Great Global Greyhound Walk 2020more map
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Dogs » Wilma

by PamD

Sunday 13 Oct 22:24

It must have been heart wrenching to take her back Lynne xxx hugs

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Dogs » Lola

by alfieboy

Sunday 13 Oct 21:33

We took this lovely girl to the dog show today and what a pleasure it was. After giving her a little assistance to get into the car she settled down straight away and enjoyed the journey. She was good and calm on the lead, she was a little baffled at first by the small dogs, she did not know what to make of them but soon got used to them and then took it all in her stride. She does give out a little growl to those dogs who upset her. Sorry Jet - you did nothing wrong! Considering this was her first trip out she was not phased by noises and accepted all the fuss given to her. We did not want to take her back to the kennels, I had a little lump in my throat having to leave her, especially when she starting crying when I left. I’m sure she it will not be long before she finds her forever home.
Good luck beautiful girl. X

Dogs » Solaway King

by Lewisfuggie

Sunday 13 Oct 20:32

Charlene... If you can give the kennels a call tomorrow on 01217827702. They should be able to help... By looking at his record

Dogs » Wilma

by LM

Sunday 13 Oct 20:06

We had the delight of looking after Wilma from Saturday lunchtime until Sunday teatime to give her a break from kennels and take her to the dog show. She is a bundle of fun. She loves to play with toys but especially a ball. She travels well. She wasn't by all the noises of being in a home although she was very inquisitive and being so small nearly got through the bars of the child gate! She's very intelligent working things out quickly. She seems confident enough wherever she is and she seemed to get on well with my 2 boys (5 and 2) although I think they were bewildered by her presence in the house (they'd met before at the Sheldon walk and walked well together). She was a little star at the show getting 3rd for best black bitch (the judge said she loved her little face) and 5th in the age class (the judge had a very difficult job and had us jogging around the ring several times). She said to make sure whoever homes her knows there wasn't much between 1st and 6th. She was also part of the group of Daybreaks dogs who won 2nd for best family. I was so sad and nearly tearful taking her back to kennels but there's no way we can have another houndie. She's such a sweetheart giving kisses and cuddles. In the garden when she saw me the other side of the garden she'd run up to me all happy. She does seem a happy, cheeky soul. She gives the odd grumble if she's near other dogs (including greyhounds) but she doesn't seem to mean anything by it. She was fine with my 2 unmuzzled (although we did watch them of course). She'll make someone a fantastic pet and seems to be one who could be rehomed with another dog. Good luck darling Wilma. x

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Dogs » Dewey (Dew)

by Nifty'sMom&Dad

Sunday 13 Oct 19:53

We had the pleasure of taking little Dewey to Daybreaks Dog Show today and what a brilliant girl she was,she jumped in the van and settled down with Nifty n Cilla,at the show she was a little timid but walked nicely with our 2 and just had a lean on any of us when feeling nervous.With a home of her own we are sure she will flourish with a bit of time,oh and Mark was a little taken with her shes so cute,so sending a cuddle to you Dewey hope you had a nice day out with us love Tanya,Mark,Nifty n Cilla xx

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Dogs » Lola

by jetlucy

Sunday 13 Oct 19:35

Met you at the show today lola and you are a very pretty girl! You weren't impressed at my advances but once i played hard to get you realised i am a handsome boy (or so my mommy tells me, she says i am the most handsome). My mom thought you were very calm and sweet and liked a fuss. Good luck finding your forever home, hope you don't have to wait too long. Lots of love jet xxx

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Dogs » Barney

by helenanddave

Sunday 13 Oct 19:13

Barney! I hope you're not trying to be a bad influence on other houndies! Xx

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Dogs » Tiger

by Jess&Tilly

Sunday 13 Oct 16:57

Tiger! This handsome boy is such a joy, he loves his cuddles and walks well on his lead. He wasnt the best with other breeds, but that will come with time. He however is perfect with all greyhounds! Girls or boys he will fit into any home. Xx

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Dogs » Elmer

by Richard

Sunday 13 Oct 16:24

By lunchtime Elmer was a lot more relaxed, happy to go walking with Tui round the car park. We decided to take Elmer and our Tui to Brueton Park for a couple of hours. She coped really well with children, scooters, radio controlled cars, cyclists, ball games and was patient while we had a coffee. Got very excited at squirrels and needed firm handling but was good natured and responded well. Lovely dog and we were very proud of her today. I'm sure she'll lose the anxiety around smaller breeds of dogs in time. Couple of pictures on the Facebook page.

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Dogs » Barney

by CuteBarneyGumbleS

Sunday 13 Oct 16:06

He he I have learnt how to open the kitchen door! The hoomans have to make sure it’s fully closed now. For all you guys who don’t know, stick your nose in the gap and push the door open! Works all the time!
Barney Xx

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