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Greyhound & Lurcher Training, South Side of Birmingham more
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  • 16nov
    Kingfisher Centre Redditchmore map
  • 23nov
    Mell Square Street Collection & Roadshowmore map
  • 23nov
    Pets at Home - Stratford Upon Avonmore map
  • 23nov
    Countdown to Christmasmore map
  • 8dec
    Santa returns to Daybreaks!more map
  • 14dec
    Melbicks Garden Centre Coleshillmore map
  • 15dec
    Sheldon Country Park Walkmore map
  • 21dec
    Melbicks Garden Centre near Coleshillmore map
  • 14jun
    Great Global Greyhound Walk 2020more map
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Dogs » Daybreaks Daily ...

by LadyVictoria

Tuesday 12 Nov 23:05

Louise had her neutering operation today. She was very wobbly when Lucy and I picked her up this afternoon. Hoping she will feel better tomorrow. Xxx

Lola has gone home! Wishing her and her lovely new family lots of happy times together. Xxx

The rain stayed away for both morning and afternoon walks. Evie was so excited to be going out, she was bouncing around! :))

Thanks so much to Lucy for the updated photos on the website. Meena's new photo is great! :))

Thanks everyone for all your help today. Xxx

Tonight is the first night for what seems like an eternity that my Lyra and Fletcher haven't been stressed by the sound of fireworks. I hate to see them looking so upset. :( Hoping they will soon want to go out for evening walks again... Xxx

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Dogs » Carla

by skinnyme

Tuesday 12 Nov 22:01

I am so sorry to hear that your girl has gained her wings, I remember doing your home visit, like it was yesterday. She had a wonderful life with you. Fly free sweetheart. Jill. Xxx

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Dogs » Lola

by shanishoo

Tuesday 12 Nov 21:11

Aw Lola, I think you have landed on your paws, lovely rehoming photo, be happy sweetheart xxxxx

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Dogs » Lola

by SpecialK

Tuesday 12 Nov 19:45

Lola is officially ours! We are over the moon to have brought her home. She is an absolute dream, the perfect little lady, and a very special addition to our family.
Her ears have a mind of their own, and her little ways have melted us. Thank you Daybreaks, to Lisa, Kate, Ruth and Helen, for everything x x ??

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Dogs » Sparky

by shanishoo

Tuesday 12 Nov 16:03

Lovely new photos of Sparky, beautiful eyes xxxx

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Dogs » Meena

by shanishoo

Tuesday 12 Nov 16:02

Love the tongue pic too, it's brilliant, such a pretty girl xxxxx

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Dogs » Carla

by helenanddave

Tuesday 12 Nov 14:06

So very sorry to hear about Carla. Sending love and hugs to you and Carrie. Run free, Carla. Xx

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Dogs » Meena

by Spanner

Tuesday 12 Nov 13:53

What a beauty! Love the tongue pic. Axx

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Dogs » Carla

by LindaPaul

Monday 11 Nov 23:48

So very sorry Jeff that you had to say goodbye to your beautiful girl. She’ll always be in your heart.
Run free Carla, with all our old friends xx

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Dogs » Carla

by Thethirdronnie

Monday 11 Nov 22:28

Sending love. Xxx

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