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Greyhound & Lurcher Training, South Side of Birmingham more
Greyhound & Lurcher Training, North Birmingham more
  • 25oct
    Stratford Upon Avon Race Meeting Collectionmore map
  • 25oct
    Beer & Skittles Night!more map
  • 31oct
    Tony Knight Dog Education Classes Day 1more map
  • 1nov
    Kingfisher shopping centre Redditchmore map
  • 1nov
    Erdington Road Showmore map
  • 1nov
    Tony Knight Dog Education Classes Day 2more map
  • 2nov
    Tony Knight Dog Education Classes Day 3more map
  • 2nov
    Pets at Home Big Breakfastmore map
  • 6nov
    Trevor Burton Charity Showmore map
  • 15nov
    Melbicks Garden Centremore map
  • 15nov
    Pets Corner Stratford upon Avonmore map
  • 16nov
    Walk at Stratford Upon Avon Racecoursemore map
  • 16nov
    Melbicks Garden Centremore map
  • 23nov
    Evesham Country Park Road showmore map
  • 28nov
    Step Into Christmasmore map
  • 29nov
    Christmas at Webbs Garden Centremore map
  • 30nov
    Christmas At Webb's Garden Centremore map
  • 30nov
    Walk at Sutton Parkmore map
  • 30nov
    Christmas at Daybreaksmore map
  • 6dec
    Street Collection and Roadshow in Central Solihullmore map
  • 6dec
    Christmas Tree Festival 2014- Wellsbourne Methodistmore
  • 13dec
    Pets at Home Stratford Upon Avonmore map
  • 19dec
    Xmas Booze Hampermore map
  • 20dec
    Melbicks Garden Centremore map
  • 21dec
    Melbicks Garden Centremore map
  • 21dec
    Stratford upon Avon Christmas Walkmore map
  • 27dec
    Mell Square Street Collectionmore map
  • 22feb
    Sheldon Country Park-Daybreaks Dogs Adoption Daymore map
  • 4apr
    Webbs Garden Centre West Hagleymore map
  • 23may
    Leamington Spa Road Show and Street Collectionmore map
  • 13jun
    UK Dog Watch Dog Show Damson Lanemore
  • 21jun
    Great British Greyhound Walkmore
  • 28jun
    Daybreaks Birthday Partymore map
  • 12jul
    Snitterfield Fun Daymore
  • 25jul
    Kenilworth Road Show and Street Collectionmore map
  • 8aug
    UK Dog Watch Dog Showmore
  • 5sep
    Warwick Road show and Street Collectionmore map
  • 12dec
    Webbs of Wychbold Garden Centremore map
  • 13dec
    Webbs of Wychbold Garden Centremore map
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Dogs » Holly

by stevie&sarah'smum

Thursday 23 Oct 22:04

Just so surprised after seeing all the fab, brilliant, exeptional, stunning , fantastic photos on fb and I could go on, that Mr & Mrs Photo (you know who you are) have not become a member of the FFP club.........yet!!!!!!!!!! Xxxxx. We will see.

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Dogs » Holly

by Hartstone

Thursday 23 Oct 21:36

Ah! Muddypaws i'm on a secret mission to the Kennels tomorrow to get some pills to help with my addiction.....They will never find my secret cameras.....

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Dogs » Mabel (Angel)

by SamA

Thursday 23 Oct 20:55

So lovely to see Gladys is getting a sister. Hope they are being good girls. See you soon xx

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Dogs » Mabel (Angel)

by Gladysmum

Thursday 23 Oct 20:53

A few days with Angel (Mabel) she had melted our hearts. She really is a perfect addition to our family and will be loved and pampered in her new home. Thank you to Ruth and Day Breaks for bring her into our lives....failed foster parents!

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Dogs » Mabel (Angel)

by LadyVictoria

Thursday 23 Oct 20:40

Yet another member for the Failed Foster Parents Club!! Well done to Andy and his family for failing miserably....lovely little Angel stole their hearts in just a few days! Lovely new name too, wishing Mabel and Gladys lots of happy times together. Xxx

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Dogs » Prince

by cherlywhirly

Thursday 23 Oct 20:32

From Prince - I am settling in really well into my forever home. Every day I get told what a good boy I am and that I learn really quickly. I don't really hang around the kitchen any more because I know I will get a nice treat after tea anyway. I love my walks and have had a few runs off the lead. I've been to three training classes with Sally and I am relaxing more now and am making more doggie friends. I did bark a bit at first but now when I am good I get sausage treats. I had to share my things and my mom and dad with a foster doggie called Barbie a couple of weeks ago; I suppose it was quite fun and we did lots of things together. I hear she is coming again tomorrow for the weekend so I had better make sure I've licked all the fillings out of the bones and decide where I want to sleep before she gets here. A special hello to Joyce. I liked her a lot cos she helped me get where I am today and I am very happy. Lick Lick xx

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Dogs » Dusty

by lin

Thursday 23 Oct 19:42

hi michaelle ; thankyou and it was lovely to meet you too ; sorry I am late with this post as I hadent seen it ; after the show we took the doggies to your field for a lil run around we met two lovely ladies there with there lurchers ; we are so glad to have dusty ; she is a lovely girl as you had said before we and chaz had met her so thankyou for that too ; love to both you roy and your doggies and hopefully meet you again soon xx

Dogs » Maggie (Mary)

by toothfairy

Thursday 23 Oct 19:29

two more sleeps, can't wait to meet you Maggie x

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Dogs » Holly

by muddypaws

Thursday 23 Oct 18:57

Dear Mr Hart ( l JUST KNEW that your name was'nt really David Bailey) l have been studying your case files, and l am afraid to say that yours is the worst form of serial addiction that l have ever come across !!!
You have already progressed from whippets to greyhounds !!!!! What next....AFGHANS !!!
l hope that you realise that photographing the objects of your desire and displaying them on Facebook could lead to you being placed on an offenders register !!! This behaviour, unless treated, will progress onto the hard stuff........yes...VIDEOS !!!! I strongly recommend that you make little Miss Holly legitimate as soon as possible, then you will not feel the need to take snaps of other peoples greyhounds, and, within time, the urge to sneak into kennels during your lunch break to get your "fix" will eventually subside.
l do hope that you take my advice before you are completely beyond redemption !!
P.S The volunteers at Daybreak are under strict instructions to frisk you for any photographic equipment before allowing you entry !
Your Sincerely....Dr Bob...erm...Dr Muddypaws. ( sorry...just been watching a Lee Nelson dvd )

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Dogs » Holly

by blueangel

Thursday 23 Oct 18:46

She sounds perfect! what a great job you have done with her i last saw her when she was very sad glad she is happy now xxx

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