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Dogs » Daybreaks Daily ...

by Shanesmum

Friday 15 Nov 16:59

It was a good job I started out early this morning, because the road I use to get to the A45 was closed due to flooding. After a moment of mild panic, I followed the queue of other diverted travellers and soon found my way back to familiar ground and arrived at the kennels on time!

It was a dark, grey old day but at least it stayed dry so the boys & girls could get out for 2 walks today.

Our 3 new arrivals are lovely and are settling in well. As Kate said yesterday Trebles is a little shy, but he is such a gentle and placid soul and has the most amazing ears! Shelly is happily paired with the handsome Drew, and Finnie is being kept in line by madam Scruff!!

It was very quiet for visitors, so we carried on with "spring" cleaning, sorting and tidying. Many thanks for everyone's help today.

Countdown to Christmas tickets are still available, please come along for an evening of shopping, eating & fun!

The weekend is with us again, here's hoping for some better weather to encourage folk to visit us and our lovely boys & girls. I will raise my glass of red wine tonight to our current residents - may forever sofas be just around the corner.

Whatever you're doing this weekend, enjoy. Cheers!


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Dogs » Luna (Wilma)

by shanishoo

Thursday 14 Nov 22:41

Such a lovely update, what a lovely bond between Luna and your little boy already, they will have great times together xxxxx

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Dogs » Daybreaks Daily ...

by LadyVictoria

Thursday 14 Nov 21:23

Anyone who has seen the original Blade Runner movie will know what I mean when I say I would have loved to have gone "off world" to the sunshine today!! It rained and it rained and it rained! :((

We were not able to take the dogs out for any walks and even the sand run was too wet to run around in. :(( Our residents were very patient and enjoyed extra treats and grooming in their kennels and time out in the small runs. I don't really think they were too bothered about going out and getting wet. :) xx

Sparky went off for his neutering operation this morning. He traveled really well in the car. There was a fluffy dog in the vets when we arrived and he was a little excited when he saw him. He will need some help to understand they are just dogs like himself, just smaller! Thanks so much to Richard and Shirley for collecting him this afternoon. Xxx

We had three gorgeous new arrivals today. Shelly, Trebles and Finnie. Trebles is quit shy at the moment but you can see there is a gentle soul waiting to emerge. Shelly is nervous but gives you a waggy tail when you talk to her. Finnie seems to be a very nice young man! Many thanks to Bob and Declan for collecting them for us.

Alan cheered us up by supplying the chocolate donuts, Bless you Alan! :)) xx

Thank you to everyone for coming in and getting so very wet and cold. So grateful to you all. :))


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Dogs » Luna (Wilma)

by LadyVictoria

Thursday 14 Nov 21:07

What a lovely update on Luna. :) Great to hear she and your little boy get on so well together...what a special best friend he has to grow up with. :)) Xxx

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Dogs » Luna (Wilma)

by Lanthe

Thursday 14 Nov 18:54

Hi. It’s lovely to read all the comments about Luna. She’s settling in brilliantly and has already taken over the sofa. She’s gentle, walks brilliantly on her lead and is enjoying playing ball in the garden. Luna and our son have definitely bonded and he keeps saying how much he loves her. She’s been brilliant with my parents’ dog and is getting used to seeing other dogs on her walks. Thank you to everyone at Day Breaks for looking after us so we’ll and for all your advice.

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Dogs » Shelly

by shanishoo

Thursday 14 Nov 15:45

Shelly, you are absolutely stunning, so pretty and dainty xxxx

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Dogs » Finnie

by shanishoo

Thursday 14 Nov 15:44

Another gorgeous hound, love the name and the white chest with black spots xxxx

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Dogs » Trebles

by shanishoo

Thursday 14 Nov 15:42

Oh what a sweetheart, just look at that beautiful sweet face xxxxxxx

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Dogs » Daybreaks Daily ...

by Stevie,Sarah,Willow&Max'smom

Wednesday 13 Nov 19:12

I know we are coming up to winter, but today was bitterly cold. Despite that all dogs had morning and afternoon walks. Thanks as always to our Wednesday walkers.

It was lovely to see Ruth today with Tig and Momma. She left me charged with some admin tasks. They will hopefully be done by the end of the week.

We have tickets available for our Countdown to Christmas event on 23rd November. On sale we also have Christmas cards, calendars and mugs for sale.

Give us a call if you would like any of these items and we can find out what the postage is and send them to you, how cool is that?

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Dogs » Lola

by LadyVictoria

Tuesday 12 Nov 23:08

Lola's family sent a lovely photo of her in her new collar and beautiful new fleecy coat earlier. She looks like a Princess! Sending her a cuddle tonight. Xxx

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