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Bluebell (Annie)

female, 9 years old, Blue

Added by LadyVictoria

Updated: Monday 01 Jan

Bluebell (Annie) has had 0 cuddles today (19 all together).
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by Melysa

Wednesday 08 Nov 20:05

Just wondering why Bluebell is still reserved and not rehomed after all this time?

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by TheStoneFamily

Monday 25 Sep 13:22

Such good news. You've no idea how close I came to emailing Ruth! Saw her page and a couple of hours later started writing the email but refreshed her page and saw she'd been reserved. I do love an oldie but I'm delighted she's been snapped up so quickly.

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by LadyVictoria

Sunday 24 Sep 21:24

Wonderful news for Bluebell! Xxx

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by blueangel

Sunday 24 Sep 20:42

Fabulous xxx

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by stevie,sarah,willow&Max'smum

Sunday 24 Sep 18:33

I did think of you and Sam...hmmm. x

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by Melysa

Sunday 24 Sep 17:02

Jeez! Thank God for that! Sam and I were actually starting to discuss.....!

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by stevie,sarah,willow&Max'smum

Sunday 24 Sep 16:29

Thank goodness, I am sure you are trying to trap me, sucker for a sad story as many will know with returnees, only 3 so far (I think)! X

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by shanishoo

Sunday 24 Sep 14:50

Blackisbeautiful, yes made my day too, couldn't stop thinking about her yesterday, but hey, fantastic news, knew Daybreaks would sort it xxxxxxx

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by blackisbeautiful

Sunday 24 Sep 14:07

Made our day to see Bluebell reserved so quickly Was upset to see she had lost her forever home Great !!! :))) x

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by LadyVictoria

Saturday 23 Sep 19:25

Bluebell is one of the sweetest, loveliest girls you could ever wish to meet. She spent the day in the office with Ruth's Joe and Foxy. She met lots of people and dogs throughout the day and greeted everyone with a waggy tail. She is understandably feeling rather stressed at the moment; thinking of her family who were very upset to have to return her. She has obviously been very well looked after and very much loved. Xxx

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by Jembob

Saturday 23 Sep 18:03

Met Bluebell in the office today. What a sweetheart even though she is clearly confused and a little stressed. If our resident hound was a bit more accomodating, Bluebell would already have a new home at Jembob Towers.

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by blueangel

Saturday 23 Sep 17:56

Sending cuddle to you Bluebell sure you wont be there long with those good looks and being cat friendly xxx

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by shanishoo

Saturday 23 Sep 16:58

Oh no, how sad for all concerned, poor baby, she is absolutely beautiful, I really hope she finds a home as soon as possible bless her xxxxxx

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by LindaPaul

Saturday 23 Sep 12:42

So sad for everyone concerned and I've sent my cuddle for today to Bluebell. Being cat friendly I hope her stay will be short xxx

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by Wispa'sMum

Saturday 23 Sep 11:22

Sadly Bluebell has been returned today after being in a home for 5 years. This is due to allergies with one of the members of the family. The family are very upset and we hope that this beautiful, gentle on the lead, cat friendly elderly lady will find a home as soon as possible......

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by LadyVictoria

Saturday 16 Mar 22:34

Annie is such a lovely girl, so happy and so sweet. Wishing her lots of happiness in her new home. xxx

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by readclan

Saturday 16 Mar 18:53

she is beautiful. good look annie

by Shanesmum

Saturday 16 Mar 16:33

Well done beautiful girl, delighted for you. Be happy. xx

by Jess&Tilly

Saturday 16 Mar 08:48

Annie is very beautiful xx

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by Bernadette

Friday 15 Mar 17:04

Coming to see you tomorrow. Beautiful x

by Spanner

Friday 15 Mar 12:09

Talk about gorgeous. Have printed details for Tim (Gemma's dad) as thinking of a companion and I think you are gorgeous. We would all love you.

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by Honeypen

Wednesday 13 Mar 21:22

Oh Annie, good job I'm already fostering or I would sneak you out! Pretty sure she will have found a home by the weekend x

by Jenwren

Wednesday 13 Mar 19:19

Gosh what a pretty girl, hope to come and give you a walk next week Annie.......if you are still there! :) x

by Spanner

Wednesday 13 Mar 08:57

What a beauty. You can have my cuddle. Hopefully you will get a foreever home shortly.

by LizzyB

Tuesday 12 Mar 19:56

Oh yes Annie, very lovely. Welcome to Daybreaks x

by Bernadette

Tuesday 12 Mar 19:26

Annie is stunning can't wait to meet her xx

by Honeypen

Tuesday 12 Mar 14:14

Oh my word! Please stop bringing Blue's in Ruth-they're my weakness!

by LadyVictoria

Tuesday 12 Mar 13:39

Ooh yes. very pretty! xxx

by Jess&Tilly

Sunday 10 Mar 19:15

Annie a very pretty girlie xx