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Added by Emma-Rae

Updated: Thursday 02 Jan

Ruby was returned today follow a marriage break up. She is house trained and very gentle.
She has come in with Jo Jo and we would like to home them together if possible.

Ruby has had 0 cuddles today (15 all together).
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by Lea,Sonny,Poppy-Obi

Thursday 28 Apr 16:39

Im so sorry to hear your sad news, run free Ruby - sending big hugs to you all xxxx

by LindaPaul

Thursday 28 Apr 15:56

So sad for you all. Sweet dreams Ruby.
You are half sister to our Lola so I'm extra sad.

by Emma

Thursday 28 Apr 15:28

Oh Kay, I am so so sorry to hear this news :0( run free beautiful Ruby-shoes, God bless xxx

by LadyVictoria

Thursday 28 Apr 15:03

Oh no, so very sad to hear your news. God bless you Ruby xxxx

by DaybreaksRuth

Thursday 28 Apr 14:19

I am truly heartbroken for you - Ruby was special girl and lucky to have had the priviledge of a wonderful home with you. Run free precious xxxxxxx

by rubyjojomyles!!

Thursday 28 Apr 14:11

Hi, our hearts are truly broken, we let Ruby run free this morning. She had a tumour in the spine, she has not suffered. We will never ever forget herxxxxxxxxxxxxx

by DaybreaksRuth

Monday 09 Aug 17:50

Hello Kay, could you give me a call asap please. Ruth x

by LadyVictoria

Monday 19 Jul 16:36

Very pleased to hear Ruby is starting to feel better. x

by rubyjojomyles!!

Monday 19 Jul 13:08

Hi there, just a quick update on Ruby, she is doing really well! still on cage rest and only allowed out on her lead, but not on any furniture. Poor Ruby keeps eyeing up the settee!! she is back for an xray 20th Aug. Thankyou Ruth for the loan of the cage. We will return it as soon as possible!xxx

by PamD

Saturday 19 Jun 09:41

The dealings I have had with Willows have been great. Brendon, who came to us for 2 years from his course at Solihull College, now has a full time job there. He was a great kid so I am sure he will take care of her. Good Luck

by lindylou

Saturday 19 Jun 08:05

Thinking of you all. Big hugs to Ruby.

by kallie

Friday 18 Jun 16:09

oh no poor baby i do hope she will be ok and also that you are ok, it's so frightening when they pull en mass as they are so strong when they combine their effort. love to you all. Ina xxx

by rubyjojomyles!!

Friday 18 Jun 16:09

Well, Ruby's x-ray shows she has badly fractured her distal radius and ulna. She is comfortable with the pain relief they are giving her and she has been referred to specialist orthopaedic surgeon. The vet says that its likely they will have to fix joint in place, as there isnt much bone to set, and its too badly broken. Tomorrow I am picking her up and taking her to Solihull to Willows where she will be treated. I cant wait to give her a love and cuddle, she is a very brave puppy and we are missing her loads. Thankyou for thinking of herxxxxxxx

by LadyVictoria

Friday 18 Jun 13:19

So sorry to hear about Ruby, I do hope she will be all right. Kind regards xx

by PamD

Friday 18 Jun 12:53

Keep in touch Kay. Let us know how she gets on

by DaybreaksRuth

Friday 18 Jun 11:22

Oh no - poor Ruby...... keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well - please let me know how she gets on xxxxxx

by rubyjojomyles!!

Friday 18 Jun 10:17

My Gorgeous Ruby-shoes is in animal hospital at the moment. We think she has broken her front leg :( the 3 of them went hell for leather after a cat yesterday, pulled me over (well I more flew threw the air!) and poor roo must have gone down a hole or something, she was so brave bless her. Am now sat waiting for the vets to phone with the results of her x-ray, and its horrible, am hoping she will be o.k. They do recover from brakes dont they? I think it will perhaps be a long haul so may well be turning to you all for advice, hope thats o.k.


by rubyjojomyles!!

Thursday 04 Jun 07:24

Hi Ruby, 2 more sleeps and we can welcome you to your new home!!xxxx

by rubyjojomyles!!

Wednesday 03 Jun 20:10

Ruby we have got the thumbs up from Fred so will see you on saturday!! cant waitxxxx

by medjoh

Tuesday 02 Jun 22:15

Yes, we're really excited about you joining our family Ruby. Kay, Katy and Sam, oh yes, and me can't wait until we see you again on saturday to take you home with your 'sister' Jo Jo. See you soon lass. X

by rubyjojomyles!!

Tuesday 02 Jun 16:34

we are really looking forward to welcoming you into your new home and give you all the love, time, and space you need to feel happy and secure, katy and sam will have a special teddy waiting just for you to help you settle in! we really cant waitxxxx

by sas

Monday 01 Jun 18:50

well done girls and good luck! happy times ahead xxx

by kallie

Sunday 31 May 19:29

Little RubyRoo, you'll soon be happy again when you and your sis are in your new home and the sadness you are feeling now will be all but a hazy memory. all our love Ina Monty Rossi and Toby xxx

by sas

Monday 25 May 19:48

my first greyhounds were adopted as a pair! they had already lived in a home so they knew what the washing machine and the tv were all about, they were house trained and knew about the comings and goings of family life. they are great company for each other too and i know they would have found it devastating to be separated. two greyhounds dont take up much more room than one, lets face it they are lying down asleep most of the day anyway! so why not adopt a little ready made greyhound family all of your own?! x

by DaybreaksRuth

Monday 25 May 08:08

We hope Ruby and Jo Jo find a home soon. It is breaking our hearts as Ruby is still very sad to be back at the kennels but she has her sister Jo Jo to help her thro. They love cuddling up together. The sorrow in her eyes needs to be turned into happiness.....

by kallie

Sunday 24 May 20:14

a sweet gentle little girl, as is her 'sister' Jojo, both deserve someone special to give them lots of fuss and love. xxx