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About Me

White and Black
Date of birth
02 jul 2003
Land of birth
IE Ireland
Land of standing
UK United Kingdom
Racing Name
Aquascute Jojo
Ear mark
Family tree & race history

All information from the excellent

Jo Jo

female, 17 years old, White and Black

Added by Emma-Rae

Updated: Thursday 02 Jan

Jo Jo has been returned today following a marriage break up. She is very gentle and good with other breeds of dogs and great with children. She has come in with Ruby and we would like to home them together if possible.

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by LadyVictoria

Monday 12 Nov 13:52

Very sorry to hear about Jojo, she was a very pretty girl. xxx

by Stephers

Sunday 11 Nov 14:37

So sorry to hear this. It's heartbreaking to lose our wonderful Greys.

by rubyjojomyles!!

Sunday 11 Nov 13:07

Hello, we lost our beautiful, beautiful Jojo 2 weeks ago. It was time to let her run free with our Ruby. My heart is still truly broken, thank you to daybreaks for giving us such special gifts as when our dogs choose us for their forever homes. Myles is now being more spoilt than ever if thats even possiblexxxxx

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by rubyjojomyles!!

Thursday 04 Jun 07:23

Hi Jo Jo, 2 more sleeps and we can welcome you to your new home!!xxxx

by rubyjojomyles!!

Wednesday 03 Jun 20:09

Fred has given us the thumbs up!! so we will see you on saturday, cant waitxxxxx

by medjoh

Tuesday 02 Jun 22:20

It won't be long now Jo Jo before you're in your new home.
Kay, Katy, Sam & myself are hoping this week flies by so we can all be together with you and your 'sis' Ruby. It won't be long now lass.

by rubyjojomyles!!

Tuesday 02 Jun 16:31

we are really looking forward to bringing you into your new home, and cant wait to give you all the love attention and time that you need to settle in, Katy and Sam are so happy and will be sorting out a special teddy for you to help you feel and home and secure!xxx

by sas

Monday 01 Jun 18:49

well done girls, happy times ahead! xxx

by kallie

Sunday 31 May 19:27

i am so pleased to see that you, JOjo and your sis Ruby have found a new home... i am sure you will be spoiled and hopefully forget this sad period in your life soon. love Ina Monty Rossi and Toby xxx

by sas

Monday 25 May 19:54

the first greyhounds i adopted came as a pair! they already knew about the washing machine and the tv, they were housetrained and are great company for each other, it would be devastating for these two to have to be split up. i know there is someone out there with room for two and as greyhounds are asleep for most of the day, you wouldnt know you'd got them! a ready made greyhound family x

by kallie

Sunday 24 May 20:13

i went in and spend a little bit of time with Jojo and Ruby and they are so adorable if a little lost and sad at the moment. i do hope that somebody is going to give them both the happy home they deserve after the disruption in their lives. xxx