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19 may 2004
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UK United Kingdom
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female, 16 years old, Black

Added by DaybreaksRuth

Updated: Thursday 02 Jan

Sandra has been tested with Monty a small fluffy border collie cross and showed no interest.

Sandra has had 0 cuddles today (21 all together).
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by kallie

Thursday 18 Jun 17:18

so pleased that you have gone to a new home with your kennel brother Mac, hope to see you on one of the walks. love Ina Toby Rossi and Monty-dog xxx

by kallie

Saturday 13 Jun 19:38

Sandra is such a sweet little girl, always happy to see you and so gentle. she met my Monty dog today and they got on well, good sign when a smaller furry dog does not provoke a massive reaction, hopefully we'll find time to cat test her tomorrow.x

by DaybreaksRuth

Thursday 11 Jun 08:00

Sandra has not been cat tested yet - we may be able to take her today. She is so laid back! She wouldn't get off her bed yesterday when we had a viewing - it is no wonder she is still at the kennels as she doesn't 'sell' herself at all - too busy doing what greyhounds love best - sleeping!

by Christina

Thursday 11 Jun 00:30

Hi Ruth. Has Sandra been cat tested? Thought if she is okay would like to come and see her.

by kallie

Monday 08 Jun 16:41

that's a gorgeous photo of Sandra, and it shows just what i mean about blck greyhounds and photographs, my two black boys are exactly the same. hopefully this little lady will find her 'forever' home very soon. xxx

by kallie

Sunday 07 Jun 08:41

to any prospective greyhound owners, don't let the grey muzzle on sandra put you off, black hounds don't always take a great photo face on as the camera seems to emphasize the grey on their face, she is nowhere near so grey looking. if you have a click on Penny's picture it shows how grey she looks in one photo and how she actually looks when the camera is not focused just on her face. Sandra is a lovely looking girl and she is gorgeous in temperament, very sweet and gentle and always wagging her tail. she deserves a really good home and will make a wonderful pet. big hug to you lil' girl, Ina xxx

by sas

Saturday 06 Jun 22:37

cant believe sandra's still with us! she really is a lovely girl, always happy to see everyone and loves lots of fuss and rewards you with her waggy tail. she walks nicely on her lead and eats all her tea! what more could you want? x

by jacksmum

Thursday 04 Jun 12:13

Could this be the girl to melt Jack's stony heart? Hope to see her on Saturday - have money from the sponsored walk to bring in.

by Emma

Tuesday 02 Jun 20:10

We've seen Sandra a couple of times recently and each time she has been positively lovely and so happy to see us - such a waggy tail! Even in the heat of this afternoon she was just so happy. I'm afraid there's no other option, I'm going to have to win the lottery...

by sas

Monday 01 Jun 18:56

sandra is a lovely happy girl, always pleased to see everyone, she's lovely on her lead too x

by DaybreaksRuth

Tuesday 26 May 14:27

What a brave girl Sandra is. She gave blood today when the Pet Blood Bank came to Daybreaks.

by kallie

Sunday 24 May 20:15

such a lovely natured girl and so gentle, she should be able to find a special home soon. xxx

by lovemygreys

Thursday 21 May 15:38

she is a lovely girl, I was there when she arrived at Daybreak and she seemed to take it all in her stride, she seemed a very sweet lady .