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About Me

Date of birth
01 jul 2005
Land of birth
IE Ireland
Land of standing
IE Ireland
Racing Name
Princess Bala
Ear mark
Master Daire O'Riordan
Family tree & race history

All information from the excellent


female, 15 years old, Black

Added by PamD

Updated: Wednesday 01 Jan

Princess is fine with children her trainer tells us. She is a lovely playful girl. Princess has been cat tested today and we feel she could live with a cat with a little training.

Princess has had 0 cuddles today (5 all together).
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by sas

Monday 01 Jun 18:55

princess is a lovely girl, nice to walk on her lead. we took her on her cat test to kerrys and she did really well, she wasn't too interested in kerrys chickens either! she would make a lovely pet x

by kallie

Monday 01 Jun 18:08

just send the little one a cuddle, she looks a real cutie. xxx

by Amy&Monty

Thursday 28 May 09:00

Ooh what a pretty girlie! About what size is she?
Do you know if she is okay with cats yet?