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Black and White
Date of birth
06 jan 2005
Land of birth
IU Ireland or United Kingdom
Land of standing
IU Ireland or United Kingdom
Racing Name
Fleetwood best
Ear mark
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male, 15 years old, Black and White

Added by DaybreaksRuth

Updated: Thursday 02 Jan

Mac is rather shy with strangers but friendly when he gains confidence. He prefers sharing a kennel with another dog rather than being on his own. He is a sweet boy. Mac has been tested with Monty a small fluffy border collie cross and showed no interest.

Mac has had 0 cuddles today (8 all together).
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by kallie

Thursday 18 Jun 17:19

i am thrilled to see that you have gone home, you must have passed the cat test then?!, also happy to see that you took your kennel sister with you, sure you'll be spoiled rotten. loe and hugs Ina Toby Rossi and Monty-dog xxx

by suess

Monday 15 Jun 09:09

Fingers crossed you are cat friendly, we are so looking forward to bringing you home x

by kallie

Saturday 13 Jun 19:39

Mac is a beautiful dog with a gorgeous nature, he met the fluffy Monty dog today and just wagged his tail, so sweet. with a bit of planning we are hoping to take him for his cat test tomorrow.

by lovemygreys

Monday 08 Jun 21:57

I would share a kennel with him any day!

by Amy&Monty

Monday 08 Jun 16:50

Oh what a handsome boy Mac is!
I'm sure he'll be snapped up in no time, he's so gorgeous!

by kallie

Monday 08 Jun 16:42

what a beauty!!! xxx