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About Me

Date of birth
03 apr 2006
Land of birth
IU Ireland or United Kingdom
Land of standing
UK United Kingdom
Racing Name
Court One
Ear mark
Glenske JennyIE-MAR-01-BE
Family tree & race history

All information from the excellent


female, 14 years old, Black

Added by Vicky

Updated: Thursday 02 Jan

A sweet girl who loves fuss.

Hannah has had 0 cuddles today (3 all together).
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by kallie

Saturday 13 Jun 19:41

she is as gentle as she looks and very very sweet, she saw Monty dog trot past the run and never even raised an eyebrow. she'll make a wonderful pet for someone and i am sure soneone special will come along soon. x

by kallie

Wednesday 10 Jun 21:52

ha, i know the feeling about persuading that 3 greys would be a good idea, what with having Monty dog as well it's falling on deaf ears ( for now!!), she looks really gentle and would make a perfect sis for the lads. x

by skinnyme

Wednesday 10 Jun 08:22

3 greys together are great, I have 4, so keep on trying to persuade those men!

by DivasMum

Tuesday 09 Jun 13:18

She looks so sweet and sad - am still trying to persuade the men in the house that 3 greys would be good!