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About Me

Date of birth
03 may 2013
Land of birth
IE Ireland
Land of standing
IE Ireland
Racing Name
Ballybough Sully
Ear mark
Minorcas BeautyIE-OCT-10-BK
Family tree & race history

All information from the excellent


male, 5 years old, Black

Added by LadyVictoria

Updated: Tuesday 12 Jun

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Sully has had 1 cuddle today (19 all together).
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by LadyVictoria

Tuesday 19 Jun 22:16

Sully is a really great lad! Always happy to see you and very handsome too! Do hope a special forever home will soon be his. Xxx

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by crackercharlieX

Tuesday 19 Jun 20:30

Sully was really good with my collie Louis in the kitchen today. Think Louis was a little less impressed with Sully's overenthusiastic tail wagging! Such a happy lad! x

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by Alan&Pam

Sunday 10 Jun 14:10

Today I had the pleasure of walking Sully round Brueton Park again on the GGGW. This boy is a delight to be with, he's got a zest for life and loves to be out and about. He has excellent manners and greets everyone and all dogs like a gentleman. Today he met a French bulldog puppy who he greeted with a wagging tail and a gentle sniff nose to nose. He saw some off lead dogs running today but again although he looked at them there was no reaction from him at all he was just happy to be out on the walk. Whoever adopts this lad will be getting a super addition to their family. Sully is a happy,friendly and affectionate and an all round super hound. His lovely black coat sparkled in the summer sun today too. i just love him xx

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by Jembob

Thursday 07 Jun 16:17

Had the pleasure of taking this boy for a walk on Saturday and it was a real treat. Sully is a handsome big boy and has a delightful balance of enthusiasm and good manners.

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by shanishoo

Thursday 31 May 07:19

Fab new photos of the very handsome Sully, looks like one ear is broken lol xxxxx

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by jetlucy

Wednesday 30 May 20:42

Love the new photos with your beautiful ears sully! So handsome xxx

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by Shanesmum

Sunday 27 May 14:27

Sully so good you had a lovely walk in the park this morning, there are so many new things out in the world to discover aren't there? Well done for being such a good boy - and I hope you said a big thank you to Alan for taking you on your first exciting adventure. x

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by Alan&Pam

Sunday 27 May 14:00

Hi everyone,Sully here. I am very greytful for Alan taking me to the Brueton Park Walk today. I had a super time finding my way out in the big wide world. I did find myself getting a bit excited when I first came out of my kennel but this didn't last too long and I soon settled down in the car on my to the park. We had a lovely walk round with many of my hound friends.I did see some funny dogs who were small and not greyhounds running around, I gave them all a slight glance and carried on uninterested in them as I had so much to see and many wees to do! When we stopped on the way round I made sure I did plenty of leaning in true greyhound style. Well i'm relaxing now back in my kennel after a long drink. I did hear people say what a good boy I was,well I won't argue with that. I just want to be someones best friend,why not come and see me and maybe we can go for walks. Hope to see you soon,love Sully xxx

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by rubytwoshoes

Friday 11 May 20:56

Met Sully yesterday and he is yet another gorgeous big friendly lad. This latest three amigos are lovely

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by jetlucy

Tuesday 08 May 21:10

Hehe you look a very cute, endearing boy sully! Hope your forever home comes soon xxx

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by shanishoo

Tuesday 08 May 18:43

Welcome to Daybreaks Sully, love your top photo lol xxxxx

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