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About Me

Date of birth
26 jul 2015
Land of birth
IE Ireland
Land of standing
UK United Kingdom
Racing Name
Charleys Johnny
Ear mark
Family tree & race history

All information from the excellent

Riley (Johnny)

male, 5 years old, Fawn

Added by LadyVictoria

Updated: Thursday 14 May

Riley (Johnny) has had 0 cuddles today (5 all together).
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by shanishoo

Saturday 12 Oct 14:08

Lovely photos of Louis and his new family, be happy sweetheart xxxx

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by rubytwoshoes

Friday 11 Oct 20:16

Congratulations to Johnny and his new family. Hope he settles well in new home, he is such lovely boy. Xxxx

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by cellosmum

Sunday 29 Sep 13:55

Well Johnny, just found out that you and my Murphy are litter brothers. (Thanks Kate for letting me know.) Wonder how you would get on if you were to meet. Anyway got to say, you are both very handsome lads and Murphy wishes you lots of good things when you get get to your new home.

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by LadyVictoria

Saturday 28 Sep 23:59

Great to see Johnny reserved today! Xxx

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by Shanesmum

Saturday 28 Sep 17:28

Johnny - what fast work sweetheart! Well done. x

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by shanishoo

Saturday 28 Sep 17:13

No surprise there, bet you haven't even unpacked your bag Johnny!!!!, well done gorgeous xxxxx

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by LM

Saturday 28 Sep 07:26

Welcome Johnny. A gorgeous fawn like my Bert. Beg you won't be in kennels long. I may see you In a week or 2 but you may already have gone to a home. Good luck sweetheart. x

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by shanishoo

Friday 27 Sep 18:09

Such a gorgeous boy, I'm sure you won't be at Daybreaks long xxx

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by Spanner

Friday 27 Sep 16:09

Johnny you are gorgeous. Hopefully you will get a forever sofa soon. Axx

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by roobear'smeema

Friday 27 Sep 15:06

what a gorgeous boy

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