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Moorstown Molly
Date of birth
21 oct 2008
Land of birth
21 OCT 2008
Land of standing
IE Ireland
Racing Name
Feels Great
Ear mark
Mr. David O'Flaherty
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Nell (Molly)

female, 10 years old, Moorstown Molly

Added by Wispa'sMum

Updated: Monday 01 Jan

Nell (Molly) has had 0 cuddles today (37 all together).
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by muddypaws

Wednesday 03 Dec 23:20

Thanks Jill. We did ask the vet about taping her toes or a bandage, but because it's her outside toe on her front paw, and she is being very sensible and walking with her foot tilted slightly inward, her bad toe isn't making any contact with the floor, so he reckons she probably won't need it. He said it should take about 6-8 weeks to fully mend. X.

by skinnyme

Wednesday 03 Dec 23:02

My girl, Shauna, broke her toe in 4 places a couple of years ago, no idea how she did it, but with some supportive dressings, pain killers and rest it healed well. Hope your girl recovers soon. Jill x

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by muddypaws

Wednesday 03 Dec 22:54

Thanks Kate. The vet thinks her toe is fractured, we haven't a clue how she did it. She is on Metacam and Tramadol, and rest and no walks. lf there is no improvement in 2 weeks, she has to go back for an X-ray. Fingers crossed that she improves, but hopefully the pain killers will help. X.

by LadyVictoria

Wednesday 03 Dec 22:39

Poor Nell, Sorry to hear She has hurt her did she get on at eh vets today? Xxx

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by muddypaws

Wednesday 03 Dec 13:36

My beautiful little girl is off to see the vet later today. l think she may have dislocated a toe....don't know how....she never moves off her flippin bed. lol. She is such a little trooper though, despite being in pain. Hope we can get it sorted...l hate to see her like this. :-(

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by Clareb

Wednesday 22 Oct 06:17

Happy Birthday for yesterday. X

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by LadyVictoria

Tuesday 21 Oct 22:02

Happy Birthday to Nellie! Xxx

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by muddypaws

Tuesday 21 Oct 08:00

Happy Birthday to our gorgeous Nellie Noo Noo.....6 today !!!
What a difference 15 months makes! She is no longer the moody, bad tempered little loner she was then....but a cuddle monster and a luuurrv machine !!! We love her bones to bits. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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by LadyVictoria

Sunday 29 Sep 21:39

So pleased for Molly, this is the happy ending she truly deserves. Xxx

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by Tinker'sNan

Saturday 24 Aug 14:13

When is Molly's light going to turn green it's been red a long time ???

by Jess&Tilly

Sunday 18 Aug 14:04

When is Molly being signed up??

by Tinker'sNan

Friday 09 Aug 20:06

When is Molly going to height going to turn green love you Molly cuddles love jackie and tinker x

by Terry

Monday 05 Aug 13:28

DOG BEDS - Ruth has a quantity of new dog beds in stock !!! There are various colours / doggie print designs and they all have removeable / washable covers. The extra large size is only £16 and the medium size is only £8 !!! GREAT VALUE.

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by LadyVictoria

Wednesday 24 Jul 19:45

Fantastic news for Molly! Xxx

by Shanesmum

Wednesday 24 Jul 09:02

That's brilliant news - well done Molly, so happy for you. XxX

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by Wispa'sMum

Wednesday 24 Jul 08:43

I've been asked to change the blue 'Fostered' sign to a lovely red 'Reserved' by Molly's foster family - YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY!!!!! :-)

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by Shanesmum

Friday 12 Jul 17:15

The lovely Molly is being such a good girl and sharing nicely with Duggie. She is very friendly and affectionate and likes to come to you for a fuss. Big cuddles sweetheart. xx

by Tinker'sNan

Saturday 22 Jun 19:32

Hello Molly it's your friend tinker here I hope you will find a mummy and daddy soon I can't believe you are back at kennels my nanna gave you lots of love she just love greys and you were special to her hope it won't belong for you lots of love tinker and nanna xx

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by Shanesmum

Friday 07 Jun 20:18

Molly was such a good girl today. She enjoyed being out on her walk this morning, and liked being groomed this afternoon. She is an affectionate and lively girl. Cuddles my lovely. Xx

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by Spanner

Tuesday 28 May 15:17

Sorry to hear that you had to come back but hopefully shouldn't be long before you get another sofa to settle on.

by LadyVictoria

Wednesday 22 May 19:19

Very sorry to hear things didn't work out for Molly and her family. xxx

by Wispa'sMum

Wednesday 22 May 10:33

Sadly Molly is being returned today as she has snapped at the child in the family :-(

by Deb

Saturday 13 Apr 16:34

So glad that Pip and Molly have found a new home together.Rachael and her family are just so lovely for doing this.

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by TheBrownies

Saturday 23 Mar 16:40

I am so pleased that Molly has now got a new forever home, I just want to send her all our love and cuddles and hope she gives her new family as much pleasure as she gave us... and such a big thank you to her new owners for giving this lovely girl a home xx

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by Shanesmum

Thursday 21 Mar 16:54

Lovely news Molly - and so happy that you and Pip can stay together. Have a happy new life. xx

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by Honeypen

Wednesday 20 Mar 16:22

I was at kennels the morning these lovely pair were brought in. I'm afraid I interrupted the hand over because, at first, I didn't realise what was going on. I was very sorry to see such sadness that morning but I knew it would be ok. They were brought to a happy, loving & safe place & it took a lot of courage to ask for help. Many people keep (too many) pets in appalling conditions. They love animals but are not able to see when they're not loving their pets anymore-by this I mean they can't meet their pet's needs because there are too many to give enough time to, the owner is out for many hours & the pet 'suffers' as a result. When you really have your pets best interest, you sometimes have to make difficult decisions. Within ten minutes of arriving-their guardian angel was in the office, asking to foster. She took one look at them & took them home. I had the pleasure of meeting Rachel (& her family) & just knew Molly & Pip would be just fine. They're in a good home & will be loved. This is Molly & Pips next happy ending. Helen x

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by rumblesmom

Wednesday 20 Mar 13:45

this is just the most fabulous news and i know that the brownies will be so happy that you have decided to keep them together and give them the most fabulous life- thanks so much xx

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by LadyVictoria

Wednesday 20 Mar 13:31

Wishing Molly a very happy new life! xxx

by Wispa'sMum

Wednesday 20 Mar 11:13

I am over the moon at the news that the fabulous Rachel who is currently fostering Pip and Molly has decided to make them a part of her permanent family! They have settled in so well and clearly adored xxxxx Thank you Rachel xxxx

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by Jess&Tilly

Sunday 17 Mar 16:58

Have we got anymore pictures of Molly ? X

by rachel01

Wednesday 13 Mar 11:25

Hi she is getting on fine and so is pip

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by Jess&Tilly

Wednesday 13 Mar 07:53

How i Molly getting on?

by TheBrownies

Wednesday 06 Mar 19:04

Please please read our comment that we posted on Pip's page. We miss you Molly xx

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by Deb

Tuesday 05 Mar 09:28

Sometimes life goes against you and things happen that you would rather didn't. Molly and Pip were loved to bits by their previous family and they must be devastated that they had to return them. Rest assured Daybreaks will find them an equally lovely home and I hope one day they will be in a position to offer a home to some more retired hounds.Sending all our love to "the Brownies " , Molly and Pip from Debbie and Milly.X

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by LadyVictoria

Monday 04 Mar 14:23

Sending Molly my cuddle today; hope she and Pip are getting on ok in their foster home. xxx

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by wawa

Monday 04 Jul 21:21

hello molly are you ok and been a good girl and friendly to children and sleep and playing the garden.
love tanya julie

by wawa

Tuesday 08 Feb 22:03

hello molly are you ok and do you like cuddles and play with soft toy and sleeping are you a friendly dog with chlidren
love tanya julie and steve

by TheBrownies

Friday 31 Dec 10:13

Hi everyone, happy new year to everyone, am missing you all lots but loving my new home x Pip is looking after me and I am spoilt by my new family, love always from Molly x x x

by bestistdogs

Sunday 19 Dec 21:01

Can't beat exercise, boundries and TLC usually results in a contented whoof!!! We find it more so with our whippet .... and as the post below says its more difficult to exercise during the darker evenings. Connie our grey wouldn't agree today in the snow .. she kept turning to come home!!! Jx

by tiggersslave

Friday 17 Dec 11:18

Hi Sara I tried to post this yesterday but its vanished :( You've got loads of good advice to give and I always think experience is the best teacher, I totally agree with you that a nicely tired dog is usually a well behaved dog :) If anyone doesn't agree they can have my lurcher Charlie for a couple fo days and see how norty he is when he hasn't been getting his usual daily rampage round the woods ... its too dark when I finish work and he won't go far from me when we're at the horses' field .. I think he's scared but he says he's protecting me LOL . J xx

by tiggersslave

Friday 17 Dec 11:12

Hi Yes that's fine, we finish this Saturday and start again on Saturday the 8th so give me a call next week if you like .. we're doing a walk on Tuesday 28th round the woods just outside Hockley Heath which always ends up at the pub so you'd be welcome to come to that and meet us before you start at class :) (weather permitting :( ) J xx

by TheBrownies

Friday 17 Dec 10:09

Hi guys, thanks for all the wise words, it is lovely to see them play but you can tell when Pip has had enough as he gives you 'puppy dog eyes please can you get her off now'! So we help him out a little bit as he is tiny compared to Molls! We will pop in and get some odds and sods tomorrow when we do the rehoming and will be looking forward to seeing the other greys at the walk at Kingsbury on Sun xx Will ring you Julie next week to set up training if that's okay?

by Emma

Thursday 16 Dec 09:42

My Sadie girl was the same age as Mollie when we had her and she can be a little torment! She loves to play, and whilst she has definitely calmed down, she is still the ringleader when anything kicks off! She will goad the others, especially Kev (he falls for it everytime) into chasing her, and then it all gets a bit mad with 3 whirling dervishes causing havoc in my living room! So, whilst it's lovely to see them play and get animated once in a while, mine have certainly been taught "ENUFFFFF!" And yes Sara is right, exercise is key - a tired dog is a good dog! xxx

by crackercharlieX

Wednesday 15 Dec 18:19

Thanks 4 advising them on how best to handle any problems. I didn't want t suggest answers myself in case I gav the wrong advice. I can only offer wot I kno of owning my 2 n if people hav a problem my answer usually ends up bein exercise, exercise n more exercise . Which works magic with my non greys, they sleep from wen I get home t wen I go t kennels next day. I kno greys r lazy but a tired dog is a happy dog. I hope u giv the training classes ago. U wil all luv it and get so much out of it. Hopefully c Pip n Molly Saturday. X

by tiggersslave

Wednesday 15 Dec 14:29

Hiya :) It sounds like you're doing all the right things :) and like you say .. they do have their moments which is natural and lovely to see them playing :) The hide and seek game usually zonks them .. my grey cheats and watches where I hide things and tries to steal them quick before my lurcher hoovers them up .. you can start by showing them a little treat and putting it in view say at the other end of the room, send them one by one to find it and tell them 'seek or find or whatever' :) then once they've got that idea you put it behind something like a chair still while they watch then when they can find it easily and are using their noses as well as looking you can put it somewhere simple to find but take them out of the room first, bring them in and one by one tell them to find ... its fun watching the penny drop and them having to use their brains (not sure its such a good thing to encourage greys to use their brains LOL). You can do the game outside in the garden too ... bbbrrr when its warmer :)
Have fun :) J x

by TheBrownies

Wednesday 15 Dec 12:39

Hi Julie thanks for the advice, we have noticed Molly is possessive and will growl if Pip goes near her when she has a toy (yet if we walk past her with it she is fine). We have taken the toys off them for the moment as when we get her voucher at the weekend we will enrol them both for training (which my daughter is excited about too). It is not all the time that they do this but they do have their moments! We give them a good walk in the morning and good walk at night and we will look for a Kong for her too (am going to try hide and seek tonight first)! They eat well and we do watch them to make sure, and 99% of the time they are wonderful but Molls especially is the more excitable!!

by tiggersslave

Wednesday 15 Dec 07:49

Please excuse me butting in .. I'd just suggest that you stop the play fighting before it gets out of hand ... I always teach 'Enuff!' as a command which means 'stop whatever you're doing right now' .. the trouble with letting them play fight for too long is that if adrenalin kicks in one might go a bit too far and cause damage you know greys' skin is very easily torn plus you don't want one to hold a grudge and look to 'get their own back'. As Molly is only a baby and probably loves to play I'd be giving them all Kongs full of sticky things like mashed spud or frozen mashed spud with bits of meat in to occupy them (tho don't leave food/Kongs down unless you are supervising if you have more than one dog), take them for long walks (45mins to an hour) so they are more happy to sleep rather than play and do 'hide and seek' games with each of them so they have to hunt for bits of hidden food and use their brain (very tiring for a grey :) ) and taking them into the garden on their own and playing with me and toys rather than each other ... good for bonding with you too. When they are eating I always make sure I stand in the middle so no one can check out other dogs' dishes, you can establish who's in charge (food's a huge resource so if you're in charge of food you should be in charge of everything important), none of the dogs feel bullied by the others so no squabbles start and they eat more sensibly so there's less chance of them bloating :(
Glad that Molly is settling in well, don't forget that you'll get free training vouchers with her ... and that really makes them think :)
Best wishes

by crackercharlieX

Tuesday 14 Dec 22:25

I so glad they're gettin along n u r goin t keep her, she is fab. I myt b at kennels Saturday but not til after half 11. N all the volunteers wil help with any things u need help with, I'm so glad they r havin fun playing together. They're both so lucky that u took a chance on them. Hopefully c u Saturday. Luv Sara. X

by TheBrownies

Tuesday 14 Dec 12:32

Hi Sar, Molls is fab! She is getting on really well and Pip is enjoying having another grey in the house - we hopefully are coming in on Sat to sort all the paperwork out so we can keep her :-) Just one query about how far to let the playfighting go between them though! Will you be in Sat??

by crackercharlieX

Sunday 12 Dec 20:52

Hi Brownies. How is Molly gettin on? Hope she n Pip r best buds now n everything is ok. Lots of luv. Sara x

by steveandwend

Sunday 12 Dec 19:02

Molly, Molly, Molly. So pleased you are reserved, it took a while but your there now. Good luck xxxxxx

by TheBrownies

Thursday 09 Dec 12:35

Hi all, Ellie would like to know why she can't cuddle all the dogs online lol :-) She tried the other night and then gave Molly a cuddle (I did tell her she can do that anytime) :-) Have to say have been feeding Moll and Pip both 100% Burns food and have to say it makes a big difference to their number 2's! Haven't had to go for the white rice just yet xx

by TheBrownies

Monday 06 Dec 19:23

she is FANTASTIC! I LOVE her innocent face bag is FFAABB!
thank you Ruth
ellie (brown age 7)

by crackercharlieX

Saturday 04 Dec 18:32

I so glad u let me show her to u. I kno how much luv ur family wil giv her and Pip. Thankyou. X Sara

by TheBrownies

Saturday 04 Dec 08:31

Thanks Michael - she is AMAZING! Just got back from our morning walk and she is a great walker - we haven't met any other dogs yet
Thanks to you to Sar, she is a true gem :-)

by MadMick

Friday 03 Dec 21:06

WOW the Brownies so Pleased for you :-) BUT delighted for Molly Blee You

Michael x

by crackercharlieX

Friday 03 Dec 20:25

How's Molly gettin on? I so hope everything goes well. Thanks for givin her a chance. X Sara.

by TheBrownies

Friday 03 Dec 18:01

Hi all, just wanted to update you on Molls, Ellie (our 7 year old daughter) is totally in love with her and had the shock of her life when she got home from school and found we had another grey! We left Pip and Molly at home and we came back to no problems or accidents so we were truly chuffed that they seem to have clicked :-) Dinner was interesting, Pip couldn't wait to finish and start on hers, but soon got him out the way! So far so good with the two of them, they were great walking when we got home and they seem to be golden together (fingers crossed it continues)! Thanks so much for showing us Moll, as we really didn't consider her but really can't believe that she is left at the kennels - she is totally gorgeous!! See you all the the open day tomorrow xx

by crackercharlieX

Thursday 02 Dec 21:51

Dear Pips owners. I kno your quite taken with cherry and for good reason but while your at the kennels this weekend spend some time with Molly, she's also a really fun and loving girl. She is now our longest stayer and for some reason keeps gettin over looked. She's only two and I think she will b a fantastic pet. Please someone giv Molly a home for Christmas. She deserves it. X Sara.

by Ali

Tuesday 30 Nov 23:28

Sadly I can't have a dog at the moment, but if I could, it would be Molly. She is stunning!

by crackercharlieX

Tuesday 30 Nov 18:53

Please, please someone giv Molly a home. She's great n so lovin. I hav no idea why she's been here so long. I really believe shell make a excellent addition to any home n she's only 2. Also wen I've walked past dogs she's shown no interest. She also gud with my 2 non greys. X

by wawa

Sunday 28 Nov 11:20

molly you like play soft toys and soft bed and love lots cuddles with family you will getting a home are friendly with family . molly friendly children .
love tanya julie steve xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

by fi,charlie,fly+Lucy

Saturday 27 Nov 17:35

I cant believe such a little stunne like Molly hasnt been snapped up yet!! i think she is secretly waiting for me to decide to get Glynn a girlfriend!! maybe she could bark at my solicitor till she gets me flippin house!!! Beautiful girl, just look at that face!!! xxxx

by Emma

Tuesday 23 Nov 09:35

I just love looking at Molly's photo with her head to cocked inquisitively to one side - she looks like a proper cheeky little thing! Em xxx

by Danielle

Friday 19 Nov 16:37

had a lovely lot of cuddles from Molly today, what a little sweetie.

by wawa

Tuesday 16 Nov 20:28

molly you will have a new home
kelly like molly
from tanya julie kelly

by Lauramc

Sunday 14 Nov 18:27

Molly is the friendliest girl I have met! So friendly and so cuddly. A lovely pretty face too. xx

by fi,charlie,fly+Lucy

Sunday 14 Nov 09:31

Molly is a lovely affectionate girl and walks lovely on her lead..give her a chance you won't regret it, those beutiful eyes could melt any heart! xxx

by Bartleygreen,crew

Saturday 13 Nov 00:29

helloooo im here need a home please

by kallie

Saturday 06 Nov 22:56

she is so beautiful and such a sweet little minx, i often wish i had a farm so i could have them all. xxxx

by fi,charlie,fly+Lucy

Thursday 04 Nov 12:31

Oh Molly!! your new picture is sooo cute xxxx

by fi,charlie,fly+Lucy

Sunday 24 Oct 16:51

Got a little soft spot for you and them eyes!! xxx

by zippy(TheNeals)

Thursday 21 Oct 22:00

Happy Birthday Molly. I hope you get the best birthday present of a forever home real soon sweetheart xxxxxx

by Tash'ntheGreys

Thursday 21 Oct 09:34

Happy Birthday Molly! x

by LadyVictoria

Thursday 21 Oct 09:27

Happy Birthday Molly! xxx

by kallie

Tuesday 19 Oct 19:04

Molly is gorgeous and another star who gave blood today, very affectionate little lady :-) xxxx

by KerryElliman

Sunday 17 Oct 20:18

shes such a little sweetie

by Wispa'sMum

Wednesday 06 Oct 15:28

Molly was VERY interested in the cats on her test today.... would definitely suit a home with no small fluffies!

by kallie

Sunday 03 Oct 17:43

Molly is not even 2 years old yet and a very beautiful little girl, she prefers to be in a kennel by herself and settles down very nicely into her bed, she eats well and is a friendly young lady with a happy smiley face and a waggy tail. xxxx

by Wispa'sMum

Monday 30 Aug 10:06

He is arriving soon - probably next weekend now......

by trace

Monday 30 Aug 08:36

can we see him yet???