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female, 11 years old, Black

Added by Emma-Rae

Updated: Tuesday 02 Jan

Maggie has had 0 cuddles today (32 all together).
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by Wolvespremier

Saturday 23 Mar 21:59

Me and Lucy saw her today and it broke our hearts ... So pleased that she found a new home!! :) ... I agreed with Ruth that the kennel we sponsored 'Jake and Way-Jays Den' will be the one we saw Maggie in today! :)

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by rumblesmom

Saturday 23 Mar 20:11

Well done pretty girl have a great life xx

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by Shanesmum

Saturday 23 Mar 17:37

Maggie I'm so happy that you have found your new home at last - well done lovely girl. xx

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by carolineMaxGracie

Saturday 23 Mar 17:21

Soooo Soooo pleased to see you have been reserved , i was going to foster you If you didn't find a home this weekend. so well done you so happy. for you xxxxxx

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by missfifi

Saturday 23 Mar 15:45

Maggie, how lovely to see a special person has found you. X

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by Honeypen

Thursday 21 Mar 20:46

I'll have to ring Ruth & then bring all 7 of us to kennels & see if she's ok with my 2 pooches. Our whippet still a puppy & desperately tries to instigate play.....all the time. Is Maggie from a home with another dog? I think she is. I'm home all day too so I can help with toileting issue if she still has. How is she around children? Hx She's been on my mind a bit, lovely girl x

by Jess&Tilly

Wednesday 20 Mar 21:34

I think she would enjoy bein back in a home as that is what she is used to x

by Honeypen

Wednesday 20 Mar 16:24

Hey Maggie, how you doing? Does this little lady need a foster home for a while? Busy, noisy home here though but would love to help if we can. Helen x

by Jenwren

Tuesday 19 Mar 22:23

Had the pleasure of walking the lovely maggie yesterday, such a good girl and loved her fuss afterwards. :) xxx

by tinabina

Monday 18 Mar 20:37

Ditto Jess. Just wanted to add that she was pretty good at recall too with lots of treats. I've added a video of her playing with Socks at Elmdon on the Perry Barr Greyhound Trust Facebook page.

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by Jess&Tilly

Saturday 16 Mar 20:20

Maggie had a great time at Elmdon park today with socks she loves racing around the tennis courts and was fine with the small dogs x

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by missfifi

Friday 08 Mar 20:00

Maggie gets a cuddle from daisy today. She has such an expressive beautiful face. Hope someone lovely inds her soon. x

by Wispa'sMum

Monday 25 Feb 18:03

I have just picked up the beautiful Maggie from the vets where she has had a full dental resulting in a couple of teeth coming out. She is very sleepy but she has settled down straight away and hopefully will be the perky little girl we know by tomorrow morning :-)

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by KeeleyandRonnie'sMom

Sunday 24 Feb 17:13

Maggie is a very pretty girl. I hope she gets a home soon.

by susy

Saturday 23 Feb 12:02

Maggie, your new home is around the corner, so sorry for your family, Thinking of you and them.
The New Icemaid Clan xxx

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by michelleandbertie

Thursday 21 Feb 19:06

Oh Maggie what a lovely charactful face, you really look a beauty !! I hope you get snapped up soon xx

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by Wispa'sMum

Thursday 21 Feb 11:47

Maggie has arrived back today. Her owner's comments are below but she is good with children - just not good with cats!

by Barkinnkennels

Friday 08 Feb 15:29

Very sad to read this as I know there owners adored them both must have been a difficult decision for them lets hope she gets picked soon x x

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by LadyVictoria

Friday 08 Feb 13:31

Lovely Maggie sounds quite a character. Very sorry to hear her owner can no longer keep her. xxx

by Wispa'sMum

Friday 08 Feb 11:16

We need to find the adorable Maggie a new home...... the following is what her existing owner has written for us to help her find a new home. Her owner is happy to keep her until this comes along x Maggie has been with her current family for a couple of years.

As with all greyhounds, Maggie loves nothing better than sleeping and eating. As I am at home all day, Maggie is a pleasure to have around, as she is not demanding and sleeps curled up on the settee, until I call them to go outside, or offer a treat.

Maggie does not bark or rush to the door when the bell rings. She waits at the door for me quite patiently when I return to the house, greeting me with a bounce and a waggy tail. She is not a “jumper”. She loves greeting visitors, once they are in the house, but can be a little bouncy and soon settles down. She will share her sofa, although she expects you give her lots of fuss and cuddles. She is fine with children. Guests have to be reminded of how big she is, if they have food, as she will attempt to take any in sight.

She will fetch her toy if you throw is in the garden, but prefers to chase after a treat. She stands quietly upon returning from her walks, awaiting the treat she is given after her lead and muzzle are removed.

She is very inquisitive and will find any food that is about. She has a history of eating chocolate and will attempt to steal any food within her reach. She loves carrots as a treat and enjoys an occasional chicken or fish dinner. She has chewed other items, such as shoes, if they were left within her reach, including a pack of balloons.

Maggie is not always clean in the house. If you are around she will come and let you know she needs to go out, but if no-one is in the room, she sometimes wets in the living room. During the night, she will sometimes bark to alert you that she needs to go out, but it is just as likely to let you know it’s too late.

On the lead, she generally walks well on a coupler lead with our other dog, although she is always on the lookout for any cat that she can chase. Walking the dogs without encountering cats is virtually impossible where we live, so it has become a battle of wills to try and maintain control of them, once a furry comes into view. As with most greyhounds, Maggie is very strong and has slipped her lead and muzzle and chased a cat on two separate walks. The last time she almost pulled me into the road and I hurt my back and pulled my elbow. A harness did offer some deterrent, but she still lunges and encourages our other dog to follow her.

She gets on with our other greyhound, although they both like their own space. She has not had any close contact with other breeds, but does not display any aggression to any we pass whilst walking – merely curiosity.

The only reason for having to make this decision to seek another home for Maggie is that my back condition is chronic and it I am unable to safely walk the dogs together and feel that Maggie would blossom in a home where she can enjoy the long leisurely walks that I am sure would benefit her.

by mandmsmum

Sunday 07 Aug 21:48

Hi Ruth. The girls have settled in and eaten well. they've explored the garden and had fun with one of Jack's toys. A beautiful sight. Molly has settled on the bed, but Maggie has decided that she will keep Melvyn company on the sofa. I'll send a couple of photos to your email later. Thank you so much for offering the chance to share our home with these two lovely girls. I hope that they are as happy here as Jack was. I know they'll get as much love as he did from us and all our family and friends. Now fingers crossed that they stay downstairs tonight. If not, we'll need a stair gate again. I'll bring them to visit soon.

by BeckyB-F

Sunday 07 Aug 09:57

so happy you have a home with your kennel sister xxxx

by kallie

Saturday 06 Aug 17:04

thats wonderful news little happy for you and your new sis. xxxx

by fi,charlie,fly+Lucy

Saturday 06 Aug 12:53

Yaaaayyyy!!! That's the best news... Well done my favourite girl xxxxxxx

by Wispa'sMum

Sunday 31 Jul 15:24

Although Maggie was fantastic with Glen the small terrier, she is not good with cats!

by fi,charlie,fly+Lucy

Saturday 30 Jul 01:03

I hope you like her! She is amazing, so so loving xxxxx

by Phoebe009

Friday 29 Jul 18:56

really looking foward to meeting Maggie tomorrow!
Hopefully she will like us:)

by fi,charlie,fly+Lucy

Friday 29 Jul 15:29

Ok.... Do you think its a bad idea taking her on a saturday when she might miss being chosen? Xxxx

by Wispa'sMum

Friday 29 Jul 01:26

Hi Fi, I am sure she would love it but will let you know if we have any viewings booked for her. x

by fi,charlie,fly+Lucy

Thursday 28 Jul 22:04

Hi ruth, does maggie still want to come walking with me on saturday? Xxxxx

by BeckyB-F

Wednesday 27 Jul 19:31

well done maggie xxx

by fi,charlie,fly+Lucy

Wednesday 27 Jul 19:00

What a clever girl!!! Can't believe I missed a visit from storm!! Xxxxxx

by Wispa'sMum

Wednesday 27 Jul 16:46

Maggie and all of the Daybreaks inmates had the pleasure of meeting Glen today who lives with Storm. She was absolutely golden and even had her muzzle off with no interest whatsoever! She really is a star!

by Wispa'sMum

Tuesday 26 Jul 17:05

She is amazing - she is sooooo beautiful! I will try to add some better photos later.....

by BeckyB-F

Tuesday 26 Jul 17:00

She sounds amazing xxxx

by fi,charlie,fly+Lucy

Monday 25 Jul 22:33

Someone will be very lucky indeed, I could have cried when I met her she is just so loving and just sweet. We had a biiig kiss when she arrived and she was all cute and sparkly after her bath! Xxxxxxx

by kallie

Monday 25 Jul 20:25

sweet sweet little lady and very cuddly and pretty to boot...someone will get a gorgeous little girlie. :-) xxxx

by fi,charlie,fly+Lucy

Sunday 24 Jul 17:52

I have one thing to say about this girl..... Wow!!! She is jusy gorgeous!! Happy, smoly, cuddly and pretty! She will mwke a truly amazing addition to any family!! Just lovely xxxxx

by BeckyB-F

Sunday 24 Jul 16:45

pretty girl xxx