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About Me

Date of birth
02 jul 2007
Land of standing
IE Ireland
Racing Name
Doc Ricketts
Mr. Tom Walsh
Family tree & race history

All information from the excellent


male, 11 years old, Black

Added by Wispa'sMum

Updated: Wednesday 03 Jan

Doc has had 0 cuddles today (49 all together).
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by KerryElliman

Wednesday 08 Feb 09:44

lucy and doc did go together and are getting on great :)

by BeckyB-F

Saturday 04 Feb 14:22

Have you and Lucy gone together ? Thats extra wonderful if you have xxxxx

by LadyVictoria

Monday 30 Jan 14:43

Good luck Doc, hope everything goes well this time. xxx

by susy

Saturday 28 Jan 14:31

Great news Doc, this is your forever home. Sorry for Lucy she
will miss you.

Love The New Icemaid Clan xx

by BeckyB-F

Saturday 28 Jan 13:31

Fingers and paws crossed for you xxxxxx

by rosierecorder

Saturday 28 Jan 12:29

Yippee! Hope it works out for you this time doc and you have your forever home!

by kelly

Sunday 22 Jan 20:06

doc is so cute!! he looks just like my 7yr bitch yen who we had just over a year ago and the lookie likie is uncanney if we hadnt already got a 2nd grey(male) i would defo be trying to adopt him!!! please look into his eyes and say you havent fallen in love!!!

by Jess&Tilly

Sunday 22 Jan 19:39

Ive just looked at his family tree and race history. He has the same great grandad as nellie

by fi,charlie,fly+Lucy

Saturday 21 Jan 20:52

I am very surprised that gentle Doc has not been chosen yet, he is handsome quiet, walks beautifully on his lead and loves a fuss! he ticks every box! xxxxxxxx

by Jess&Tilly

Monday 02 Jan 18:36

i gave doc and lucy a little groom today, now you will be sparkling clean and even more handsome than before!!!

by BeckyB-F

Thursday 29 Dec 14:56

The right home is out there for you xxxxxx

by Jess&Tilly

Wednesday 28 Dec 18:32

dont worry doc you'll keep lucy company.

by julie

Wednesday 28 Dec 11:54

Poor Doc, oh well at least he has the company of the lovely Lucy again (another of my fav's!) xxxx

by Wispa'sMum

Wednesday 28 Dec 05:48

Doc is coming back to the kennels today as his trial in a home has not worked out through no fault of his own :-( Lucy will be pleased to have her best friend back tho :-)

by julie

Tuesday 27 Dec 21:50

Wot... Unreserved? :-(

by Jess&Tilly

Tuesday 20 Dec 17:15

My cousins wife loves you she wants to take you home if she could

by BeckyB-F

Thursday 15 Dec 13:42

Really pleased for you Doc xxxxxxx

by mau&greys

Wednesday 14 Dec 23:17

well done doc for being reserved. xxxxxxxxxxx

by julie

Wednesday 14 Dec 22:18

Great your reserved!xxxxxx

by julie

Saturday 10 Dec 15:00

I have 5 favorites at the moment, Doc you get my cuddle today.......xx

by Naomi

Wednesday 07 Dec 10:07

Sorry it didn't work out for you all :( x

by poppysmum

Wednesday 07 Dec 09:34

To Chango's mum, my apologies for having a dig at you before, it is completely understandable that you need to think of your existing dogs happiness first. I'm sure Doc will find a loving new home soon. xx

by Chango's-Mum

Tuesday 06 Dec 19:20

We are very sad that we needed to return Doc to the kennels and hope that he finds the right home very quickly. He is a lovely friendly dog and is responsive to instruction. He is curious and intelligent and a natural climber of stairs! He learned not to beg for food or jump on the kitchen worktops quickly. However our other greyhound was terrified of Doc even though he is quite laid back and submissive. The atmosphere was extremely tense and upsetting for both dogs so it felt like the right thing for both to return Doc. He also needs more training when out near other non-greyhounds. Good luck Doc, we miss you and hope it works out for you. xx

by julie

Tuesday 06 Dec 18:49

Thats a shame.....poor Doc :-( xx

by BeckyB-F

Tuesday 06 Dec 18:03

Sorry to hear Docs news, but it has to be the right home xxxx Hopefully he will find a home quickly being house trained xxxx

by LadyVictoria

Tuesday 06 Dec 16:46

Very sorry to hear it didn't work out ths time. x

by poppysmum

Tuesday 06 Dec 16:25

Poor Doc, what is wrong with people, they didnt give it much of a chance did they?, my 2 cats dont get on, but I wouldnt take one of them back!.

by Wispa'sMum

Tuesday 06 Dec 15:10

Doc has been returned this afternoon as he is not getting on with the existing dog he was homed with. His owner tells me he was house-trained and learnt home life very quickly. I am sure he will find another home soon.

by Naomi

Thursday 01 Dec 12:07

Oh how exciting! Good luck! He looks lovely, I'm sure he'll be great!

Naomi x

by Chango's-Mum

Wednesday 30 Nov 12:32

Yes Naomi he's the right dog. We're off to walk him soon and can't wait to bring him home at the weekend. See you at the park sometime. Helen and Chango.

by Naomi

Wednesday 30 Nov 10:43

If I have the right dog....I live near your new Mum and your lovely black and white brother! You will have a lovely new home....hope to see you across Lake View Park with your brother very soon. You do look a bit like your brother in the face...that's what your mum said. I think you'll fit in fine.

Naomi Millie and Milo x x x

by BeckyB-F

Saturday 26 Nov 16:04

Well done Doc, we met you and you are lovely. Its nice to see a handsome boy reserved xxxx

by Chango's-Mum

Saturday 26 Nov 14:55

See you tomorrow lovely boy x

by julie

Saturday 26 Nov 14:12

Brilliant, your reserved, been watching you for weeks!

by Monty/Evie

Friday 25 Nov 14:49

I thought I saw a resemblance to my Oscar (Dove), they are half brothers. Oscar is the most gentlest dog I have ever known, who ever picks Doc will be getting a real sweet heart.

by BeckyB-F

Wednesday 23 Nov 20:15

Gorgeous xxx

by kallie

Wednesday 23 Nov 20:07

just look at his beautiful face, such lovely gentle eyes, i can't understand why nobody has come for him yet, he is such a wonderful boy...big hug for you my lovely gentle lad xxxxx

by julie

Tuesday 15 Nov 18:52

Another cuddle for you today.xx

by BeckyB-F

Monday 14 Nov 20:31

Bless him, plenty of cat free homes.....I hope xxxxx

by kallie

Sunday 13 Nov 15:21

Doc is the most beautiful big greyhound and wonderfully placid and loving but he does not like cats, took him for his cat test and he thought they were an afternoon snack....however for anyone without cats you could not ask for a more loving gentle boy :-) xxx

by skinnyme

Friday 04 Nov 22:59

This boy is so gorgeous, very lovable.

by fi,charlie,fly+Lucy

Tuesday 01 Nov 20:36

He does look very cute... Bless! Some very handsome boys in at the moment xxxxx

by BeckyB-F

Tuesday 01 Nov 19:53

Looks really handsome xxxxx

by crackercharlieX

Tuesday 01 Nov 19:23

He is such a big, friendly, happy boy. With got a great bunch of greys in at the moment n all of them r gonna make great pets. X

by Deb

Tuesday 01 Nov 18:55

Another very very handsome Honcho boy he looks gorgeous and I am sure he wont wait too long for a new home

by kallie

Tuesday 01 Nov 18:44

what a gorgeous looking he will be gone by the time i manage to get down to the kennels...:-( xxxx