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Date of birth
11 jun 2006
Land of birth
IE Ireland
Land of standing
UK United Kingdom
Racing Name
Monkspath Mirage
Ear mark
Icemaid MindyIE/UK-JUL-01-BK
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female, 12 years old, Black

Added by Wispa'sMum

Updated: Wednesday 03 Jan

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by susy

Sunday 22 Dec 17:15

Lovely to have met Hayley today and we both shed a tear over the loose of Pippa and then Mindy mom. But things will work out and they will always be with us.
Have a better New Year 2014 Hayley. SylvXXX

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by NMD07

Saturday 21 Dec 20:35

Tears. Xxx

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by mary/john

Saturday 21 Dec 06:05

Patch here.... its been a sad week my mate Ben is no longer with us.... I need to give my mum a lot of cuddles today as its here birthday!.. Happy birthday mummy Mary. xxx

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by LadyVictoria

Friday 20 Dec 23:52

Hi Hayley, it was lovely to meet you yesterday, so sorry it was because of such sad circumstances. Hope to see you at the kennels again soon. Xxx

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by fatharry

Friday 20 Dec 23:35

hi Hayley,we are so upset to hear about Pippa ,and are thinking of you Dave,Maria,Blue & Ben x.

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by Hayley

Friday 20 Dec 18:31

Thank you for your kind words. I am absolutely heartbroken at the loss of my wonderful Pippa, I loved her so very, very much. Yesterday I collected her ashes and have drawn comfort from having her back home with me. She made me laugh at the end, when even with a broken neck she managed to lift her head and prick up her ears in response to my rustling to get her cheese sandwiches. After eating every last morsel she wolfed down a tin of pilchards and then tried to lick the crumbs from her pillow - my gorgeous greedy girl!! I 've a last memory of her before she fell, running so fast with a big smile on her face. Rest in peace my darling beautiful Pippa - Mummy loves you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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by Tinker'sNan

Thursday 19 Dec 19:48

Oh such sad news this week two beautiful greys going to rainbow bridge this week I am thinking of both family's tonight this news just before christmas to sleep tight now poppa and pumpkin both will be missed xxx

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by Mand,Gent&Emily

Thursday 19 Dec 19:23

So sorry to hear what happened. Thinking of you all. Mand, Gent & Emily x

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by michelleandbertie

Wednesday 18 Dec 23:54

I am so terribly sorry for Pippa and her family, so young and the loss to her family, I am sure that you are aware, but just incase you are not, there is a film of Pippa racing on the greyhound data base, doing what she loved to do , run free beautiful girl x

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by susy

Wednesday 18 Dec 11:06

Hi Spanner, Re your Gemma, she is our Flossie's Sis(Flojo) qnd our Mindy's daughter. You are also in our thoughts.
Love Sylv, John and The New Icemaid Clanxxxx
We are so upset at the loose of Pippa.

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by Spanner

Wednesday 18 Dec 09:18

So sorry. Hadn't realised yesterday but Pippa was our Gemma (Monkspath Munchy)'s sister. Have let family know. Love Gemma & Stanley and their humans. xxx

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by missfifi

Wednesday 18 Dec 08:15

Thinking of all who loved Pippa. The love goes on. Xx

by lovegreys

Wednesday 18 Dec 00:07

So sorry to hear this sad news. X

by NMD07

Tuesday 17 Dec 23:23

So sad,Thinking of her family. Xxx

by Babesmum

Tuesday 17 Dec 23:22

what an awful shock and heartbreak for you. So very sorry for your loss. X

by Snipe

Tuesday 17 Dec 22:33

So sad. Thinking of you xx

by LadyVictoria

Tuesday 17 Dec 21:49

Such tragic news. God bless beautiful Pippa. Thinking of her family. Xxx

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by DuleekDandy

Tuesday 17 Dec 18:11

I am so very sorry to hear this. Thinking of the family who must be utterly heartbroken. (((xxx)))

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by LindaPaul

Tuesday 17 Dec 17:13

So sad to read this news. I know Pippa was a much wanted and much loved pet and her mum will be devastated. Thinking of you Hayley at this very sad time. Much love from Linda, Paul, Lol & Lena. xxxx

by susy

Tuesday 17 Dec 16:59

What can I say, all here are heartbroken, with her sister Flossie(Flojo) close by and we also having lost the mom (Mindy). My thoughts are with the family.
Love Sylv, John and The New Icemaid Clan x

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by Sarahphe

Tuesday 17 Dec 16:52

Poor Pippa, thinking of your family at this sad time. Sleep well angel xx

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by Winniethepooh

Tuesday 17 Dec 15:50

I am so very very sorry to hear this news, I am sending best wishes to the family.

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by Bess&Reene'smum

Tuesday 17 Dec 14:43

Heartbreaking xxxxxxxxxxxx

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by Wispa'sMum

Tuesday 17 Dec 13:30

Pippa's mum has asked if I would put a comment on her about what happened to Pippa.....

Pippa sadly suffered a major spinal injury after running off lead into a fence. She was doing something she loved to do and her owner told me the last thing she remembered was her running past her with a 'smile on her face' before the accident happened. An MRI at the Willows showed the damage was too severe and the kindest thing was to let her go. We gave her a bowl of pilchards, cup of tea and a cheese sandwich and then she went to sleep..... It was heartbreaking but we took her on her last journey to Heart of England and she was tucked her up with her teddy.

Pippa's mum is understandably heartbroken and all our love and thoughts go to her for making a brave decision for Pippa and giving her the most wonderful but all too few years of much love. xxxxx

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by Clareb

Tuesday 17 Dec 13:08

So sad! Thinking of you and your family sweetheart. X

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by michelleandbertie

Tuesday 17 Dec 09:28

Rest in Peace Pippa, so sad so young, you are my Berties and my sister in laws Martie's litter sister, I am so terribly sorry for your family, run free little one x

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by Jess&Tilly

Tuesday 17 Dec 08:15

Oh no! I didn't know it was this little girl! :( rest in peace princess xxxx

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by Wispa'sMum

Tuesday 17 Dec 07:58

Run free precious one.... xxxxxxx

by lurcherlover

Tuesday 03 Apr 22:19

We met Pippa on Saturday at Training.
Nice to see Hayley, (out of work) and wow, Pippa is THE mostest, sweetest, lovliest, prettiest, daintiest little black girly greyhound. Her first 'recall' was very impressive! she trotted straight to her mom, without a glance for anyone /thing else. What a golden dog.

by Caz

Sunday 01 Apr 19:35

Daire & Annie met Pippa at the park today, she was very relaxed and very friendly, they're looking forward to meeting her again!

by Jess&Tilly

Tuesday 20 Mar 12:16

well done so glad i got up there early on saturday to see you!

by susy

Monday 19 Mar 16:50

Great news Pippa.

Love The New Icemaid Clan XXXXXXXXXXXX

by BeckyB-F

Monday 19 Mar 16:03

Glad to see the rehomed sign xxx sounds like you have settled well xxxx

by LadyVictoria

Monday 19 Mar 09:52

She looks so much like her beautiful Mom, Mindy, I am not surprised to see her reserved already. Well done lovely girl. xxx

by Zoe

Sunday 18 Mar 20:57

just spoken to hayley pippas new mum and shes doing really well. Had a short walk, met 2 staffies, asked to go out for weewees and getting on fine with cats. Hayley loves her to bits. A good start...

by susy

Sunday 18 Mar 19:32

Great news sis, told you would find your forever home.
Take after mom. (on Mother's Day as well).

Love Flossie xx

by kallie

Sunday 18 Mar 18:09

ahhh so happy to see you reserved Pippa, your photos make me want to have you so much and now i just can't which is a good thing really...hope to see you before you go home though so that i can have a cuddle at least. xxx

by Deb

Sunday 18 Mar 15:52

Great news and a fantastic bath time picture no suprise she has been snapped up so quickly

by BeckyB-F

Sunday 18 Mar 15:50

Aaaagh good to see you are reserved xxxx think aunty ruth may miss you though xxxx

by BeckyB-F

Sunday 18 Mar 14:49

I suspect she will enjoy the tlc xxxx She looks sooooo sweet xxxx

by Wispa'sMum

Sunday 18 Mar 10:04

Took the gorgeous Pippa for a cat test early this morning and she was great with the cats - she is just not bothered by anything - ignores our chickens and is definitely feeling a lot better this morning as she was playing gently with a tennis ball. She is adorable..... she will just have to keep coming home with me until she finds her new home :-)

by susy

Sunday 18 Mar 08:54

Love from sister Flossie (Icemaid Flojo) Hope you'll soon be feeling better and in your forever home.XX

Love also from the rest of The New lcemaid Clan X

by Dan

Saturday 17 Mar 19:30

Poor little mite. She might be ill but this little one has a big voice! She didn't hesitate to tell Princess Grace off when she tried to recapture her bed today! I hope aunty Ruth, aka your human slave, is pampering you properly!

by Wispa'sMum

Saturday 17 Mar 18:59

Pippa is back home with me tonight as she is still being sick following her spey. She has been at the kennels throughout the day, resting in the treatment room - she is just so lovely x

by kallie

Saturday 17 Mar 18:27

oh this little face is pulling at my heartstrings...what a lovely little very first dog as an adult was a Pippa, and had a sweet face like this...wishing you a very quick forever home before i go and do something silly....xxxx

by poppysmum

Saturday 17 Mar 15:47

I have been looking for a picture of little Pippa all day, sorry to hear she is still a bit poorly, feel better soon sweetheart xxx

by BeckyB-F

Saturday 17 Mar 14:45

such a hard working girl, soooo many races, really hope you find your forever home soon xxxx You need to do some catching up on sofa time xxxxx

by susy

Saturday 17 Mar 14:19

Oh What our lovely Mindy's daughter.
A lovely girl to any family taking after her mom. Who was the most lovely of g/hounds.

The New Icemaid Clan XX

by Jess&Tilly

Saturday 17 Mar 14:17

I'm in the picture! Poor pippa was a bit sore today hope you feel better soon!

by fi,charlie,fly+Lucy

Saturday 17 Mar 13:12

Oh my god!! Pippa looks just like Jess! ;o) xx