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Walk at Sutton Park

Sunday 01 Dec 2013

by SamA

Updated: Sunday 30 Aug

Come along and join us for a walk around Sutton Park. 

We start at the Banners Gate Entrance, Banner's Gate Road, Chester Road corner. B73 6TX

10.30am meet for an 11am start

You are welcome to come along even if you don't own a greyhound, or if you are interested in finding out more about adopting one. We generally have a good turn out and you are welcome to walk along side anyone to find out more about our breed.

At the end of the walk (for a donation) you can enjoy Coffee,Tea or Squash and cakes. RGT Merchandise will be available for sale. We will also have a raffle. Donations of gifts as prizes are always welcome

"Paula's Nail Bar" will be with us to clip any doggy nails that need attention. Suggested minimum donation £1.00 per paw. Even the most nervous dogs seem to relax for Paula.

All money raised on the day from refreshments, nail clipping and raffle goes to the Perry Barr RGT to fund essential vets bills, food and kennelling costs.

If you are interested in helping out at this event, selling raffle tickets, serving refreshments or making cakes, please give Sam a call.

Please come and join us for our walk and a chat.

Sam & Si

Contact - Sam 07739 043150 or

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by Robdog&Will's-dad

Sunday 01 Dec 17:12

Brilliant day at Sutton today. Thanks to everyone who came along and supported us, despite the car parking challenges! Huge thank you to Paula who cut lots of claws and to everyone who brought cakes or raffle prizes, those who emptied there pennies to pounds pots and everyone who helped out. We raised £501 for Perry Barr RGT. Also a special thank you to the pennies for pounds special delivery which was another £201 raised for the dogs :)

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by Simon,Jan,Bo&Amber

Saturday 30 Nov 13:32

I have been to the park and the news is not good!
Severn Trent have today (Saturday) got between a quarter and a third of the car park blocked off.
Parking is going to be short to say the least unless they move some of the barriers when they finish work.
The gate to the road down to Longmoor Pool is open so there is some spaces on the grass there. Another suggestion is to park in Jeavons Road (1st right off Monmouth Drive) and walk through the gate into the park.
I know some people park on the grass verge outside the park but I would not recommend this.
I have had a lovely walk in the park today and the ground (except in the woods) is drying out nicely so should be a lovely walk tomorrow.
Just make sure you and the dogs are warm because I don't think it will be as sunny tomorrow.

by karros

Saturday 30 Nov 09:53

If newsletter available for collection on Sunday, happy to pick up. Hopefully, Mr Jack will be a little more sociable this time (the sausages certainly helped) See you Sunday.

by Simon,Jan,Bo&Amber

Saturday 30 Nov 09:14

Weather forecast for tomorrow is dry and cloudy, possibly glances from the sun but top temperature about 6C but feeling more like 4C in the cold wind.
Wrap up well and make sure the doggies are warm as well, but there will always be the hot drinks and samosas afterwards.
I will go to the park today to see if Severn Trent has finished their work and to see what the state of the paths are. I'll report back later....

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by Robdog&Will's-dad

Friday 29 Nov 18:56

Hi Jowolf, we normally meet 10.30ish for the walk at 11. The walk usually lasts about 45mins, back to the gazebos for tea coffee & grub. Hope to see Flo on Sunday x

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by LindaPaul

Friday 29 Nov 10:10

Hi Ruth. We'd be happy to collect ours from the Sutton Walk on Sunday or if for any reason we don't make it there, then we can always pick up from the kennels as we'll def need more Burns in the next few days as well. Linda, Paul, Lola & Lena xxxx

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by Jowolf

Friday 29 Nov 10:03

How long does the walk last? I'm hoping to come with Flo (was Judy) but I need to be back home by 12.30 so just trying to work out if I can fit it in. Thanks

by Fay&JaysMom

Friday 29 Nov 06:54

We will collect ours from the kennels in the next couple of days. I want Roxy weighed.

by Robdog&Will's-dad

Thursday 28 Nov 21:01

Being a complete technofobe what does PDF mean anyway? Pumkin does food? Pip's dam fine? Places(4) dogs, find? Please donate funds? Ha ha - only joking - See you on Sunday with banana cake, samosas, and birthday cake...? Sie x We'll make a list of people who don't want their grapevine posted and pass it to Ruth.

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by Dingo'sMom

Thursday 28 Nov 20:57

I think we get one through the post but I've already been given one by Roger so no need to send us another. X

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by sarah

Thursday 28 Nov 20:50

I would happily collect ours from the walk as we are going and looking forward to it x If anyone else is in the Erdington (ish) area and would like to help save on postage I would be happy to collect yours too and pop it through your letterbox... if I can help let Ruth know xx

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by michelleandbertie

Thursday 28 Nov 20:40

Cute PDF turns a document you create into a PDF file, so say you write a letter in word, then attach it to an email, you have to hope the recipient can open it, however I think I am correct in saying pretty well anyone will be able to open a PDF file.
So you could create a group within your email programme for anyone happy to receive their copy by email, then by putting their email address into that group they will receive it and you could put a link in the email that takes you to a donation site like For Ever Giving.
Also this may cut down on printing costs. Roy

by michelleandbertie

Thursday 28 Nov 20:23

Hi Ruth
I can get my grapevine copy from the sutton walk as well, do you need anyone to pass by on Sunday morning to collect some to take to the walk? Mx

by Wispa'sMum

Thursday 28 Nov 19:47

Thanks Roy - can you add a donate button to that function? I know it is all about money sadly, but this is one of the reasons the Grapevine was originally produced - to help raise vital funds. If it goes out for free via PDF it means I spend weeks writing it but it wouldn't generate the donations it currently helps to raise :-(

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by michelleandbertie

Thursday 28 Nov 19:38

Have a look at cute PDF, it's free and easy to use.
It simply downloads onto your computer and when you are ready, go to print as normal but if you look into your printer list, it's there, click on and it turns your document into a PDF file, which can be attached to an email. Roy

by Wispa'sMum

Thursday 28 Nov 19:17

PDF is a good idea and we were trying to add this function as a downloadable item in return for a donation (as the subscriptions and donations help to pay for the costs of printing as well as the running costs of the Trust). However I have been told it is such a complicated thing to set up, it just hasn't been :-(

We already have them printed as we use them at roadshows etc to give out to prospective owners, and also from a survey a couple of years ago it was found that most owners like a 'hard copy'. Does this make sense?!!!

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by Danny'smum

Thursday 28 Nov 18:35

PDF via email is a great idea. Easy to store for future reference after too.

by Clareb

Thursday 28 Nov 17:56

Hi Ruth, I'll get mine from the Sutton Park walk or I'll be at the kennels soon. X

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by michelleandbertie

Thursday 28 Nov 16:51

Just a thought, could it be sent as a PDF to our email.


by Wispa'sMum

Thursday 28 Nov 15:58

OK - this may be cheeky - but if you normally subscribe to the Grapevine and receive it by post, could you please let me know if you are going to the Sutton Walk (or coming to the kennels) as we can save the postage!!! I have just been to the post office and spent £450 on stamps - as you know, every penny matters so if you would like to collect your Grapevine from the kennels or the walk, please let me know asap - you can email me at or leave a message on here - it is very much appreciated x

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by Simon,Jan,Bo&Amber

Monday 25 Nov 21:56

The part that is blocked is the corner by the gate nearest to where we put the gazebo's and they are working up the same pathway by the walkway over the flooded area. Jay,Amber and I passed with no problems on Saturday.
We will have a walk up there nearer the end of the week and see what is happening.
Just as a word of warning, the park is very wet and muddy in places, even on the main pathways in places.
The advance weather is rain on Wednesday and Friday but dry on Saturday so hopefully the paths shouldn't be too bad.
I'll advise later in the week the state of the car park and paths regarding Severn Trent Works and the car park spaces.

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by spencer68

Monday 25 Nov 20:44

hi samA, not sure if this is going to effect the walk on sunday, but in the evening mail tonight there is a report that qoute ," A section of the banners gate park area of sutton park will be fenced off along with the parking area to protect the public as sewer waste has been escaping into the woodland area of the park , which is usually popular with dog walkers. severn trent water are working on the problem" it dosen't say when it will be closed off from what date? the work is expected to last around a week. ann

by rolohound

Monday 25 Nov 20:39

My humans are going to do an attempt at greyt British Bakeoff on saturday so there will be lots of cakes for humans. May also tell them to cook some doggy ones too so we don't feel left out. Looking forward to the walk & seeing some friendly pointy noses.

by SamA

Monday 25 Nov 20:11

It may be cold but we will have plenty of warm samosas and tea and coffee on Sunday after the walk. Why not come along and join us, Paul's nail bar will be there clipping claws and we will also have cakes and sarnies. If anyone can help with cakes or raffle prizes, all contributions very gratefully received! We also have a supply of the RGT Christmas cards for sale! See you Sunday, Sam & Sie

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