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Dogs needing homes

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  • Evie, female, age 5
  • Danny, male, age 3
  • I'm in foster care but still need a home!!!
    Teddy, male, age 8
  • Shelly, female, age 3
  • Sparky, male, age 5
  • Scruff, female, age 3
  • Roxy, female, age 5
  • I'm in foster care but still need a home!!!
    Maisie, female, age 4

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We have joined an organisation called  You will find our page at

This is an organisation that can generate funds for Perry Barr Retired Greyhound Trust without any cost or effort by yourself.  If you buy on-line, then it is likely that you can generate funds for us.  

The first thing you need to do is to register with EasyFundraising referring our charity.  You can do this by registering here:

Having registered, whenever you are thinking of buying something on-line, log into EasyFundraising and see if the retailer you want to buy from contributes.  If they do, simply by clicking through to their retail site and we can earn up to 5% of anything you spend.  It costs you nothing and makes no difference to the price you pay.  To find out more about how EasyFundraising works, click here

To the right are some of the retailers who support charities like ours through Easy Fundraising:

Go on, register and start earning money to help our lovely dogs.

EasySearch is a really easy way for you to earn money for the trust with absolutely no effort at all.  Everyone uses search engines to find their way around the internet.  You probably use Google, I certainly used to.  Well, there is a search engine that gives us some of its advertising revenue to charities, and if you use our link,

If you were to use this search engine for 10 searches per day in place of Google, you would earn us more than £20 in a year.  Add this site to your links bar and start earning money simply by searching.

Even better, set EasySearch as your default search so that every search you perform earns the Trust extra funds without even thinking about it.  You can find instructions here