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  • 15dec
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  • 22dec
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Max was a retired ex-racer from Perry Barr track.  His mission was to help his fellow ex-racing pals and even though Max isn't with us any more, his legacy still continues.

Most greyhounds that retire from racing are transferred to the Trust kennels whilst waiting to find a home.  It costs around £5 per dog per day to keep them there , in addition to veterinary fees incurred.  This costs the Trust thousands of pounds each month.  

Max's Mission is trying to raise enough money to cover the costs that this generates and therefore desperately needs your help. 

You can pay a one-off amount, or pay by standing order .  The scheme is flexible so you can donate as much as you want, and as often as you please.

The more money raised - the more greyhounds can be helped.  Please help - you support is desperately needed!

If you would like to support Max's Mission, please send your donation to

Max's Mission
c/o Collins Cottage
Monsieurs Hall Lane
B61 9AQ

..or donate using paypal