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Closes 15th March - Pet Plan and ADCH Animal Charity Awards

by SamA


Not long to go before nominations close for the Petplan and the Association of Dogs and Cats Homes (ADCH) first Animal Charity awards.

If you haven't already done so, please have a look at the page on their website and nominate the team at Perry Barr RGT.There are three categories, Team of the year, Volunteer of the year and Charity Employee of the year.

It would be great if we can get enough votes to win, as a prize could mean some fantastic PR coverage for our greys.

Just follow the link above, then click on nominate and it takes you straight to a form to complete. You just need to include a couple of your details and say why the team should get the award. You also need the charity postcode and phone number which you can find on the contact us page. Make sure you tick the boxes at the bottom if you don't want any contact.

A good way to vote would be:

Perry Barr RGT for Team of the year, Ruth for Employee of the yearand then any volunteer you think deserves it for Volunteer of the year.

Thanks for supporting Perry Barr RGT


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by Winniethepooh

Tuesday 05 Mar 09:02

Thanks for that message, it has reminded me to do my nominations - Now Done!.

1 others liked this

by Spanner

Tuesday 15 Jan 11:40

Done for Dad and Gemma. Good luck.

by LadyVictoria

Monday 14 Jan 14:27

Sent my nomination too, good luck! xxx

by LizzyB

Monday 14 Jan 13:24

All done- good luck!

by Mand,Gent&Emily

Monday 14 Jan 12:43

Done, fingers and paws crossed for you all. Mand, Gent & Emily xx

by DivasMum

Sunday 13 Jan 22:19

Done x

by Jenwren

Sunday 13 Jan 19:42

Done and fingers crossed! :)

by Shelly

Sunday 13 Jan 18:40

Sent our nomination off Ruth all the best love daisy x

by Simon,Jan,Bo&Amber

Sunday 13 Jan 18:00

I've done our nomination, but after what Amber has cost etplan they will probably bin it lol!!.... Good luck Daybreaks!!

2 others liked this

by Shanesmum

Sunday 13 Jan 17:54

Done - we need publicity to help spread the word about the fabulous boys & girls we look after, as people just don't realise how beautiful they are. x

4 others liked this

by missfifi

Sunday 13 Jan 17:16

Me too. x

by skinnyme

Sunday 13 Jan 16:14


by SamA

Sunday 13 Jan 15:31

Just done my nomination, really hope we can get enough for Perry Barr to win!