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The Death of Geoff De Mulder. Donations are being kept open for 6 Weeks

by PamD


The Death of Geoff De Mulder. 

To many people The Greatest Greyhound Trainer of all time.

Geoffrey De Mulder died on Friday 11th December after a short illness aged 79. 

Geoffrey was a legend in the greyhound racing world for his devotion and love of the greyhound.  Every grey he trained was always turned out in the best possible condition and they stood out from a paddock full of greyhounds with their coats gleaming. Geoff’s greyhounds were always a very happy bunch and bursting with condition.  He trained, with the help of his head man of 30 years Brian, with kindness, good food and the best of care in training.  His kennels were always spotless and the heating set to come on if temperatures dropped beyond a certain degree.  His cook house was as clean as an operating theatre! Every day Geoff's greyhounds would have their teeth cleaned and their mouths swilled out with just a spot of TCP in the water, any bad teeth were extracted by his vet, they would also have a marrow bone to chew on.  Geoff's thoughts were, if his greys had bad teeth they may have tooth ache and if their teeth were bad then they may have a stomach upset.  The greys ears were cleaned every day their nails were filed and feet washed and inspected for cuts etc. They were also groomed and rubbed down each day.  Geoff had turf imported from Ireland which was all weather turf so his greys could have a run up his gallop in any weather. 

He turned out many major winners over some 40 years always with kindness and devotion. It was not unknown for Geoffrey to withdraw one of his runners because ‘it was not quite right in itself’.  His runners had to be in the best possible condition before he would allow them to race.  Geoff’s greyhounds were feared wherever they raced because everyone knew they were the ones to beat.

 In the field at the side of his house lie the graves of many of his greyhounds who had died from old age.

Geoff stopped training greyhounds a number of years ago due to  his health deteriorating.

I was fortunate enough to know Geoff and had a lot of involvement with him throughout the 70’s. I admired him greatly.

He trained for many years at Meriden, which is not far from our Daybreaks kennels.

It is the wish of Geoff's wife Carole and family that we at Daybreaks take some of our retired greys and follow Geoff’s coffin into the church yard and then on to his grave. 

Geoff’s family are requesting family flowers only but want to support us as their local charity by having our collection buckets available at Geoff’s funeral.

Geoff cared deeply about greyhound welfare and his family say he would want any money donated during his funeral to go to helping the greyhounds at Daybreaks find a happy retirement.

Rest in peace Geoffrey together again with your beloved greyhounds at Rainbow Bridge.

Goodbye to a legend



Gary Newbon of Sky television will be paying a live tribute to Geoffrey De  Mulder from Wimbledon Greyhound Stadium on Sky Sports 3 on Tuesday 15th December at around 7.45pm

If you would like to donate in memory of Geoff you can do so by contacting Funeral Directors A. Pargetter & Son, Funeral Directors, City Mews, Lamb Street, Coventry, CV1 4AE.  Tele 02476223343.  All donations will be coming to us.  The family are keeping the donations open for 6 weeks.


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by PamD

Wednesday 23 Dec 16:22

We attended Geoff’s funeral yesterday. We were told by many that it was such an emotional sight to see our four greys walking alongside the hearse on its way to the chapel. Then again walking alongside Geoff’s coffin to the graveside.
Well done Ruth with Basil, Mary with Sweep, Jill with Bobby and (myself) Pam with Dino. We were also told that it gave a lot of comfort to the family members and mourners to see the greyhounds accompaning Geoff’s coffin. All 4 greys had so much fuss.
Well done to Gary Newbon from Sky Sports for giving such a splendid and memorable speech about Geoff ‘The Meriden Maestro' and Legend to the greyhound racing world.

Farewell to a wonderful man

The family are keeping the donations open for 6 weeks please see under the news item for details

by Emma

Tuesday 15 Dec 16:15

What a lovely tribute. I didn't know Geoff but he sounded like a remarkable gentleman, and wouldn't the world be a better place with more people like him? It is wonderful to know that a family touched by tragedy can still be doing so much to help the greys which Geoff so obviously held dear. My thoughts and prayers are with his wife, family and friends. Emma x

by bluepeter

Tuesday 15 Dec 13:37

I read this piece last night and was moved to hear of the death of a great man with a kind heart who obviously treated his animals with care. The racing community has lost a man who was obviously well respected and admired. The Greyhound Racing is on Sky Sports Extra at 7.30pm from Wimbledon tonight.
I think it would be an honour to anybody who is asked if there greyhound can be part of the procession for his funeral, my sympathy and condolences to his family and friends.

Love Alison and Bluexxxx

by lovemygreys

Tuesday 15 Dec 11:55

What a wonderful man he sounds. He should be an inspiration for all trainers to aspire to.
The greyhound world will be a sadder place without him, but Pam has written such a lovely tribute that I feel he will never be forgotten anyway, and what a lovely memory to leave behind you when you leave this earth. God Bless x Jenny

by Mand,Gent&Emily

Monday 14 Dec 21:52

I read this piece to my Mum and we were both in tears. Geoffrey sounded like a truly wonderful man. How lovely that his family have invited some of the greys to attend his funeral - it seems like a wonderful tribute to him. Mand & Gent x

by kallie

Sunday 13 Dec 19:52

i did not know him but reading about him brought tears to my eyes, he sounds like he was a true gentleman and i am sure he will be greatly missed not just by his family but also all his friends in the greyhound world. my deepest condolences to his family. Ina and her greys. x